Dido’s “End Of Night” Video: Watch The Eerie Clip

Apr 30th, 2013 // 1 Comment
Dido End of Night Video
Good "Night"

Dido didn’t dazzle us with her last LP, Girl Who Got Away (we called it “sweet beige,” which remains a pretty accurate assessment), but the album’s clear highlight was the Greg Kurstin-produced electro-lite number “End of Night,” which the British songstress has wisely chosen as her next single. Kurstin’s sharp pop production coupled with Dido’s keen songcraft (“You were careless when the beat kicked in / And careless when it left” is a pretty good crying-at-the-disco lyric, as these things go) makes for an engaging enough listen, and the video for the song provides a solid visual accompaniment.

All dark, cool hues and sexy dancers in various states of dishabille, the video finds Dido walking through through a grand house and looking appropriately meditative doing it: It’s a weird party, but not a bad one. Slap a bonkers house remix on the song and it might even become a club hit, à la ”Sand In My Shoes.”

Watch the video up top.


  1. drew

    This song isn’t bad. If she pushed herself a little more vocally and got some more intricate beats, she could easily become a new Tracey Thorn/Everything But The Girl. Though also, I’m thinking that she might not really want to go in the electro-pop direction, but hey, it’s the standard of the times right now.

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