J. Cole Celebrates “Cole Summer”: Hear The Warm Track

With “Miss America” and “Power Trip,” J. Cole has given fans a very promising sample of his forthcoming album Born Sinner (out June 25). But with his latest, “Cole Summer,” he declares, “This right here’s not a preview / Of what the album gon’ bring you / Or nothing like that.” But just because it’s a one-off track doesn’t make it any less compelling.

We went into the song sort of hoping it sampled Bananarama‘s “Cruel Summer.” That is not the case. But it does sample Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo‘s “Nothing Even Matters,” and Cole pleads, “Miss Hill, please don’t sue me,” probably well aware that Miss Hill could use a little extra dough right about now. The song combines a gently rattling, soulful beat with a looping vocal sample. Along with the introspective lyrics, it all reminds us of early Kanye West, before he became an evil genius. Hear the new track below.

J. Cole — “Cole Summer”