Jennifer Lopez Added To Beyonce’s Star-Studded London Charity Concert

Beyonce, a walking global empire who occasionally releases music, has roped in alleged Mariah Carey wig bandit Jennifer Lopez for a humanitarian project as huge as they are: J.Lo will be joining King Bey at Sound of Change Live, a four-hour charity concert in London on June 1, with proceeds benefiting 120 health and education projects for girls and women around the world.

As previously reported, the concert, organized by Gucci’s Chime for Change campaign (which Beyonce co-founded), is unusual in that ticket buyers will be able to choose the charitable organization that their particular ticket will fund, which is (apparently) a first. Other performers will include John Legend, Ellie Goulding, HAIM, Rita Ora and Timbaland; celebrity presenters will include James Franco (!), Blake Lively (!!) and Jada Pinkett Smith (no exclamation marks necessary, really). The show will be broadcast internationally and they’ll sell 52,000 tickets at prices ranging from $85 to $150, which means they’ll make (math experts, help us out!) a lot of money for charity. We’d expect nothing less from King Bey.

As Beyonce said in a statement: “Our goal is to have a great time together while we unite and strengthen the voices of girls and women around the world.” (Under her breath, surveying the crowd of assembled plebeians bent in reverent prayer before her, she added: “Bow down, bitches.”)

Who run the world? Beyonce, still. Even when she’s giving back.

[via Reuters]