Katy Perry Talks Writing Her New Album: “I’m Not Specific With Names”

Sam Lansky | May 2, 2013 9:25 am

Singing whipped-cream brassiere Katy Perry is opening up about how her romantic life has informed her songwriting style as she begins to put together her upcoming album — and by “opening up,” I mean that she gave a vague quote about her creative process that’s going to be widely extrapolated to assume some sort of more significant meaning about her ex-boyfriends, even though that’s not really what she was talking about. Here we go!

“Maybe I’m not specific with names, but that’s my lockbox where all my secrets go,” she said. “Writing is like therapy. [My songs] stem from the truth inside of me. I just want songs to be relatable, and to be adopted as someone else’s soundtrack.”

Here’s what readers can take away from that: She will not be writing any songs with titles like, “Hey, Russell Brand, You’re A Dick,” or even, “John Mayer, I Am Seriously Over You This Time.” That’s pretty much it.

Perry has been hard at work on her upcoming third studio album, spending time in the studio with Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Bonnie McKee, Sia and Greg Wells, but there’s no timeline yet as to when you’ll get to adopt it as your soundtrack.

[via MTV News]