The Ready Set’s “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) [Ghengis Cuts Remix]” Video: Idolator Premiere

The Ready Set Give Me Your Hand
Best Song Ever (Or Remix, At Least)

Your new favorite summer party jam is here, and it takes the form of The Ready Set’s “Give Me Your Hand (Ghengis Cut),” a new remix of last year’s already-catchy song that’s still totally catchy and thoroughly dance-worthy.

In the video for the new tune, premiering exclusively on Idolator, the song soundtracks what’s clearly the party of the year: There’s a pool, a mattress-staircase slide, plenty of red Solo cups and girls in bikinis — in other words, this is how all summer house parties should be. Jordan Witzigreuter leads the crowd as they jam to his song and snags himself an Ashley Benson-lookalike to dance with. Well done, Jordan.

Here’s hoping that our summer packs at least one party this fun.

The Ready Set’s remix EP GMYH V.2 hits iTunes today — watch the video up top.

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