Win Tickets To See Enrique Iglesias Perform At A Private Concert In New York City

Get Up Close And Personal With Enrique
On May 14, Enrique Iglesias will play an intimate showcase at Terminal 5 in New York City for Univision’s H2O Private Concert Series. It’s closed to the general public — but we can be your hero, baby.

The King of Latin Pop is still riding high off of his latest single “Finally Found You,” “”Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You),” and of course, 2010′s massive smash, “I Like It,” which Idolator readers voted as the Song of the Summer that year. Would you like to see him croon his classics up close, in a theater of no more than 1,400 people? Here’s how.

1.) Fill out the form below with your full name and birth year. (NOTE: You must be 21 or older to enter.)
2.) Leave a comment on this post telling us one thing you like about Enrique. (Get it?)

A winner will be selected and notified on Monday, May 6. Good luck!

  • Stepheno Page

    I have always been a big fan of Enrique!! The last few years with so many things going on In my life i lost myself. Listening to his music and watching him do different interviews has inspired me to find myself again. I know it’s weird to not know a person but he has influenced me to be happier,,, !!! I thank him for that!!

  • Ryzky Yudha

    Definitely his consistency in being an honorary metrosexual, I can feel his awesomeness all the way to Jakarta, Indonesia everytime he hit us with his new single.

  • GinooUSA

    One thing I like about Enrique is that he happens to be half Filipino and that makes me so proud!

  • Monica Rodriguez

    What I like about Enrique is that he knows exactly how to make that moment he sings Hero to someone and unforgettable one.

  • sharon

    enrique is a good person he always treats fans with respect and my daughter would nlove to meet him. i love all his songs and hes a great person.

  • sharon bello

    He’s handsome and if i met enrique it would be a phenomial experience one to to treasure and remember for the rest of my life.Enriques birthday is the 8th of may and my birthday is the 12th of may and this would be the best birthday present i have ever recieved, since the concert is two days after my birthday. Plus his music really speaks to me and relates to my mood in which ever song is being played i have always been a fan and always will since day one i love him .

  • Janneth

    he is real.

  • varsha

    first of all happy birthday enrique, now i want to tell you that when you came India last time, i got a chance to see you personally. From that time i really want to see and meet you as many times as i can. I really like you and only you from that time, when i understand and realize the music. Thank you enrique to make us listen as gooooood music.

  • Annabella Pardo

    Because it would be a dream to see Enrique sign Tonight I’m loving you!! Can you feel my heartbeat?Nunca te olvidero y no me digas que no!Can you feel the rythim, y lloro por ti quando me anomere! I want to be with you, playing ping pong, can you be hero and kiss away the pain cause Baby I Like It!!!- Enrique Iglesias♥

  • Reyna

    I love Enrique Iglesias because this song not only bring me back to my old love memories but till this day he continues to create new memories.

  • Cheri Javadi

    Enrique, Thank you for the beautiful songs you’ve written. Your words have helped me through some very difficult times. They’ve showed me that I’m not alone and love goes wrong at least once for everyone and it’s how you handle it, is what counts. I have your music playing in my home 24/7 and it makes me a happier person. It drives my family and friends crazy, but such is life. As they say, it could be worse. Your songs and words make me feel good and I love singing them at the top of my lungs as I clean around the house and/or drive in my car. Belting your songs out is like therapy….the louder and more theatrical the better. Too bad I can’t sing on key!!! Of course, I’ve given people in the next car a good chuckle. Laughter and music is what it’s all about. It’s a rush…. I think it’s how one might feel taking recreational drugs. I don’t know, I’m just imagining. So, thank you for your songs and words. They make me a happy person. xxx,Cheri

  • Marrya Maryy

    I love so much Enriq this is my dream life i wish to meet E nrique in New York…. i wish to win this tickets

  • Ashley Prenza

    I love how Enrique makes his music videos so universal and so entertaining. He engages me in everything that he does and I just love his music.

  • Albena

    To be part of such an event is priceless. And on top of this I would love to have a night out during week day and have fun, it’s worth of not sleeping and make the best out of it.

  • Cynthia

    Impossible not to like him…I love him! His music can really touch you and he is such a great person, incredibly funny and an amazing singer. It would be like a dream to meet him.

  • Fjoralba Hoxha

    No words can describe it, he simply takes my breath away. ;)