Nicki Minaj Tweets Shade At Mariah Carey…Again (In Other News, Grass Is Green)

Ladies, Ladies...You're BOTH Pretty
There are several givens on American Idol, that rickety-but-beloved singing competition fave. For instance, Randy Jackson‘s questionable evening wear worn on the show. Drawn-out, two-hour weekly performance episodes that, really, could be condensed down to about 14 minutes. The phrase “in it to win it.” And, in Season 12, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey‘s continuous quest to figuratively — and, maybe literally, too? — de-wig one-another on camera.

To be honest, the bitchy quip-throwing between Idol‘s resident drama queens didn’t seem out of the ordinary during last night’s performance episode. I mean, Nicki shouted at one point to Mariah, “Clean your ears out!” These days, isn’t that like her giving Mimi a tender kiss on the forehead followed by a foot massage?

Not so, apparently — for Minaj took to Twitter to lob some heavy shade Carey’s way this afternoon. Catch her triumvirate of nasty tweets below.

Hours ago, Minaj seemed to be engaging in a little back-and-forth about her fellow Idol judge with online entity Perez Hilton.

Surely Nicki could have just left it at that? Nah, of course not.

The Re-Upped animal print empress then went for the jugular with one more tweet on the matter. It seemed to acknowledge rumors of Jennifer Lopez being on tap to return to the show as a judge, and replace Mariah.

Frosty. For the record, J.Lo is scheduled to perform on the Idol finale this month. Cue up the inevitable screen grab gallery of Mariah’s icy glare during those three minutes?

  • Naomi

    I’m really sick and tired of these two fighting. They’re both the reason why Idol’s ratings are so low this season. There is no doubt that Mariah can sing, but she cannot give constructive criticism very well. She can’t give straightforward critiques. As for Nicki, where do I begin? Her attitude reminds me of the girls back in high school. Yes, she gives straightforward criticism, but she has attitude problems. I don’t know what Idol producers were thinking. Hey, Idol producers, take MY advice and get rid of these two and put Harry Connick Jr. as a judge next season.

  • Deacon

    Nicki is an unfortunate mess. She acts like she is royalty and I really think that she is the reason Mariah isn’t doing well on idol. Nicki’s comments just make everyone uncomfortable. How can she even compare herself to Mariah!? Having a ton of songs on the Hot 100 is a feat, but how many of those was Nicki only featured on? How many #1′s has Mariah had? How many albums has Mariah sold? How many octaves are in Mariah’s range? Had Lil’ Wayne not had the success he has had, I would almost bet that Lil’ Onika Minaj would be flipping burgers somewhere, bitching about it, and wearing a leopard-print spandex body suit.

    • Jay

      I get that you are not a Nicki fan but people seem to forget that Nicki is a rapper…for a female rapper she’s had plenty of success and that’s an accomplishment in her own right because let’s face it…successful female rappers are hard to come by these days and Nicki seems to be the only one right now who has hit singles and hit albums. Her contribution to a song, hers or not, is still an accomplishment and to be fair her most recent Hot 100 entry, “High School” is a song thats completely hers though it features Lil Wayne. How many octaves in Mariah Carey’s range? Once again, Nicki is a rapper. There’s no comparing. How many octaves in Keith Urbans? Nicole Scherzingers? Jennifer Lopez? Paula Abdul? Everyone seems to rag on Nicki because she’s an easy target.
      If Mariah Carey really wanted to shine on “Idol” she would shine…she’s Mariah Carey after all. To place the blame on Nicki is simply unfair. Mariah never seemed like the person to be outshone by anyone else if you’ve followed her career. They don’t give them the title “diva” for no reason. Just remember that everyone had high hopes for Britney and look how that ended up. Who are you going to blame for that? Demi Lovato? Her meds?

      • juancros10

        I partly disagree, why should a rapper be a judge on a singing competition? She doesn’t set a good example for the younger generations and her attitude is not suitable for prime tv. That panel would have worked better without Nicki, not only because three people are more than enough, but because Randy has known Mariah for more than two decades are good friends, and Mariah is a fan of Keith. AI was trying to appeal to the younger generations by bringing Nicki and given the ratings, they failed. Nicki is also very lucky to be relevant in time where ‘looks’ often come before talent. Do you think Nicki would have been famous in the 90′s???

        • kalvonix

          That is a stupid excuse. Simon was a great judge and he wasn’t a singer. Randy isn’t a singer, Keith is an alright singer. With people like this, why do they have the right to judge upcoming singers if nicki can’t? My point is… whether or not you like nicki, she has every right to be a judge.

  • Niwimi

    Doesn’t matter if she’s an “easy target”. The bottom line is SHE IS VERY CHILDISH. “Simmer down, sir.”? That is MIDDLE school behavior, as was her FIRST tantrum. And if she’s so SECURE, then WHY is she running to Twitter to slam her co-worker. She seems BOTHERED that Mariah doesn’t feed into her trash. And why is it she said NOTHING like this TO HER FACE. Meanwhile MC remains unbothered by this LITTLE GIRL.

    I like Nicki for her CLOWN-LIKE novelty music, because it’s FUN/FUNNY but I’ve NEVER really gotten into HER as a person, and don’t plan to now.

  • kkid_rockfan

    Mariahs’ a LEGEND. Nicki, basically doesn’t know how to respect a legend.