Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “#Beautiful”: See The Single Artwork

May 3rd, 2013 // 8 Comments
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Mariah Carey Miguel #Beautiful

Well, this new Mariah Carey era is already feeling like a mixed bag, isn’t it? First up: The news that Mariah was getting emancipated with Miguel felt like a sensational victory, since he’s undeniably one of the coolest cats in R&B and exactly the right smooth, sultry sound for her to be channeling, but then that teaser video wasn’t entirely promising. Mariah’s hair. I mean, yikes.

And now we’re dealing with the just-debuted single artwork, which reveals a few things: The song really is called “#Beautiful” (hashtag beautiful), not “Beautiful,” which is #dark (hashtag dark) and #depressing (hashtag depressing). Worse still, the images are just recycled from the teaser video, with Mariah running her hands up her neck with her hair messily in her face (all that face-caressing just feels like a weird Kristen Wiig character) and Miguel leering at her behind sunglasses. And the same old font that she’s been using for a decade? And a butterfly icon replacing an ampersand? No. No, Mariah. Branding is one thing, but you are due for an upgrade.

Admittedly, after the calamity that was “Triumphant (Get ‘Em),” the bar is set quite low, but none of this bodes well.

Mariah: It’s not too late to turn this around. There is still hope. If the single is great, we’ll forgive everything. Don’t disappoint us.

[via Popjustice]


  1. Elijah

    That font’s been used for more than a decade – try 1990, and every Mariah album cover (excluding the Christmas albums and E=MC2).

  2. NANO

    I don´t think that is the official artwork.

  3. Allison

    The song is getting great reviews! Her cover work is definitely due for an upgrade. It has been relatively terrible for an artist of her caliber since 2009.

  4. Chrisanthemum7

    Noooo the font is classic! It’s the one thing that HASN’T changed about Mariah, and it seems like a purposeful motif for the fans, or just those paying attention. I don’t like the artwork, but I’m not going to knock the hashtag thing, that’s being nitpicky. Let’s here the song before we go judging shall we? Though I agree the bar is pretty much to the ground now!

  5. Niwimi

    Who confirmed that this was even the artwork?

  6. Ryan

    What’s wrong with her hair?! I think she looks #Beautiful! The artwork is consistent with the not giving us anything beyond the teaser, its smart. And the name #Beautiful is current, it’s how people communicate now. There have been plenty of songs named “Beautiful”, but this will be the first “#Beautiful”. It’s genius! Anyone hash tagging that word will be making reference to this song. Don’t hate on the queen

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