Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “Beautiful”: Hear The Comeback Single

There’s much to like about the new Mariah Carey single “#Beautiful” — the hashtag in the title being, in fact, the least dignified thing about it. First off, the track features Miguel, hip R&B cat and maker of objectively great music; second of all, Mariah’s vocals are on point; and third of all, well, it’s just completely beautiful — pun intended, obviously, but also that just seems like the right word to use, doesn’t it? There’s a little throwback flavor but in a repurposed way that feels completely modern, as a twangy guitar loop and a kicking backbeat provide a frame for their layered tones: Somewhat surprisingly, Miguel takes the lead on the front end of the song, while Mariah’s voice is sweet, then powerful.

“#Beautiful” (ugh, I can’t believe that for the rest of history people are going to have to type out a hashtag when talking about a song this good) isn’t a big pop stormer; it might be better than that. And if it feels like more of a whimper than a bang to fans gunning for another “Obsessed,” “#Beautiful” it’s still an airily gorgeous whimper, and its sweetness is its greatest asset.

Listen below.

Mariah Carey & Miguel — “#Beautiful”

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  • Niwimi

    I LOOOOOVE MARIAH! However, I’m not feeling the song (yet). I HATE the fact that it’s literally named (HASHTAG Beautiful) #Beautiful. NO! MC keeps doing things that she’s better than (Triumphant, AI with Clown Minaj, This). At least we have her catalogue to listen to.

  • SR

    The hashtag is in placement of “Fuc*ing” in the lyrics, from what I can understand in the lyrics. This is a really, really good song.

  • Allison

    I love this. It instantly reminds me of Mariah’s earliest work. I love Miguel, but it doesn’t seem Miguel. It’s like a modern Smokie Robinson song. I haven’t liked Mariah since Music Box, and I’ve already purchased this. It’s so grown up. It reminds me of Wes Anderson or the Wonder Years or something. It’s pure-pop, Motown-era goodness. It’s so subtle and leaves you wanting more, which I can’t help but think was purposeful (for track repeats). This should be a big milestone in both of their careers. I thought this was going to be some R&B-flavored Mariah take on Miguel’s flavor, but it’s just a perfect, breezy, windows down tune for all ages to enjoy. It’s also got a great message: “You’re mind is really beautiful/and I can’t pretend/That doesn’t mean/A thing to me/to me.”

  • Thomas

    REAL GOOD! This is a perfect summer jam!

  • jus10

    YESSSSSSS! This song is preciously gorgeous! It’s good to hear some good ol’ R&B! Well done Mimi!

  • Musickluvah

    This song could easily be #1. It’s time for Mariah to dethrone King Beatles and break that record for most #1′s!

  • Michael

    The song is stupidly great. You just want more and more.

  • Jay

    Aside from the fact that it’s called “#beautiful,” the song is definitely way better than everything Mariah has released after “E=MC2.” But that being said, I feel like the song seems a little half-baked, short even. Yes, it leaves you wanting more but not necessarily in the best way. The song itself, which clocks in at 3:22 minutes, seems rather short especially considering that they spend the last half a minute belting out the chorus.
    It’s a good song, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like its going to get her back on top.

  • NANO

    This is a great sound for her, i really like it, i´m getting obsessed with it, is already #21 on Itunes!!!, let´s get it to the top spot!. #19 here we go!.

  • Jeffery

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  • L Cerano

    This song is a masterpiece, but I think what makes it good is the simplicity of it all. It completely stands out from anything else on the radio.

    She has literally managed to make all the other songs on the radio sound overproduced. Nice work Mariah, Im looking forward to the album now.