Adam Lambert To Perform On ‘American Idol’ Finale With Angie Miller

Adam Lambert is scheduled to perform a duet with American Idol finalist Angie Miller on the show’s May 16 finale, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Seems like an unfair advantage, since Lambert is pretty much the greatest. But Kree Harrison and Candice Glover may get some serious star wattage, too. Idol alum Jennifer Hudson has reportedly been asked back but has yet to accept the gig. Also joining in the finale festivities is The Band Perry, who will be performing with the recently eliminated Janelle Arthur, as well as Franki Valli, who will link up with the top five male cast-offs.

As reported last week, former Idol judge Jennifer Lopez is returning to perform at some point during the two-night finale, though it hasn’t been confirmed if she’s taking the stage on May 15 or 16. Lopez’s new single, “Live it Up,” drops the prior week on May 8.

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  • Sherry Sullivan

    So happy to hear Adam Lambert is performing on AI Finale. This season has been so boring and lack luster which has given me no incentive to watch. Adam is the most exciting contestant to ever grace AI stage in all 12 seasons. Can’t wait to see him again.

  • Dawn

    This is great news!!! The duet will be wonderful…

    Now *fingers crossed* that he also gets to perform one of HIS own songs and wake up the crowd – get the energy going. Is that too much to ask:-) Worldwide superstar Lambert (although the USA mainstream is not aware of it YET) visits his launch pad that night…

  • terry

    Wow Adam Lambert will be performing!! I might actually have to watch this show for the first time in years. :D Is this Angie chick any good?

  • Linda Hays

    I have not watched AI since Season 8.

    BUT, I will tune in to see the most talented AI contestant ever..Adam Lambert

  • Glambert4ever

    Adam Lambert is amazing, but Angie is talented in her own right too! :)

  • SoozinCA

    The only thing that will get me to watch Idol this season is Adam Lambert. Do you think Seacrest might slip at the end and say “and the winner of American Idol is………. Adam Lambert!”??

  • Lauriellen

    There is no “unfair advantage” as Adam will be on results night. The votes are counted the night before. Don’t look for Adam to show off. He has manners and will let Angie shine.

    I’m hoping for an announcement that Adam will be a judge or involved with Idol somehow next season.