Kelly Rowland’s “Dirty Laundry”: Watch A Teaser For Her Next Single

kelly rowland dirty laundry teaser
Kelly Comes Clean
Kelly Rowland has unveiled the first teaser for her next single, “Dirty Laundry” (set to drop on May 21). Rowland previously said the track, produced by The-Dream, will examine “the ins, the outs — all the interesting moments of relationships,” and added that she doesn’t “give a shit” what her former lovers think of its lyrics. May 21 will not be a fun day for Kelly’s exes, who’ve already had to feast their eyes on Kelly’s album cover. Poor guys…LOL like we care.

Up top, the teaser takes the laundry thing quite literally, with a slow push to a swirling washing machine. “But what grime is being washed off these fabrics?” we are supposed to wonder. Check out the video up top, which (sadly) only has a tiny bit of the song’s instrumental.

Talk a Good Game is out June 18.

  • drew

    This sounds REEEEEAAAAALLLL good. God, I wish she would surpass King Beyonce…. so much more talented….she doesn’t squeal when she sings. And she also doesn’t need a Pepsi commercial to unveil a single (oh wait…that wasn’t a single…)

  • mYRL22

    Love it.. and love the fact that its soo little that it makes u thirst for more… cant wait to hear all the business…. lawrd.

    BTW stop bring B up every Kelly post. LET KELLY SHINE ALONE FOR ONCE. SHE DESERVES IT