Mariah Carey & Miguel’s “Beautiful” Video: Review Revue

Mariah Carey‘s new single “#Beautiful” (with everybody’s favorite alt-R&B bro Miguel) is as great as its title is embarrassing — and there’s nothing the video could do to mess that up. (That’s not a challenge.) Unsurprisingly, for that reason, most critics just want to keep talking about how great the song is, which is perfectly fine: When a single feels this good, there’s no reason for a video to be anything more than an afterthought. Which is terrific, because that’s all the video is, really — a golden-hued ode to Mariah’s ageless #beauty.

Head after the jump to see what the critics thought of Mimi’s sexy barn dance. (Who doesn’t love a sexy barn dance?)

:: HitFix credited Carey with “crank[ing] the ‘sex-kitten’ dial up to 11′ in the clip: “Miguel, who contributed vocals to the track and who here plays a black leather-clad biker…is apparently 100% cool with his lady’s overwhelming narcissism.  But hey, it’s disposable good fun, and Mariah is definitely in her element, so what the hell.”

:: Billboard described the clip as “flirtatious,” noting how the video just provides a different platform for Mimi to be a diva: “[Miguel] watches Carey gyrate in a short yellow dress, the glow from the headlights providing a makeshift spotlight for the singer.”

:: Vulture dryly noted that the chandeliers were “hashtag fancy,” writing that the song was “so good that you would watch Mariah Carey twirl around in a shed and laugh to herself for four minutes, even while Miguel is singing? Excellent! That is exactly what is about to happen. And while we’re here, congratulations to Miguel, who has managed to buy himself some very nice chandeliers with that ‘Adorn’ money.”

:: called the video “sunny,” describing its storyline (if you can call it that): “It kicks off with the two singers flying down a country road on his motorcycle, taking a cue from the song’s sensual lyrics. Soon, MC does her best video vixen impression, posing on the bike, the sun shining down through the trees.”

:: Entertainment Weekly seemed none too impressed by the video’s simplicity, even as they lauded the track itself: “Considering how much Mariah Carey’s new single ‘#Beautiful’ is driven by guest vocalist Miguel, it’s only appropriate the video for said single features Carey riding on the back of Miguel’s motorcycle.”

:: SPIN cited Mariah and Miguel’s “extensive chemistry”, noting that, “They eventually find their way to a chandelier-bedecked barn, where Carey puts on quite a show for her new beau. [Joseph] Kahn already said it so we don’t have to: ‘She looks fab.’” And indeed she does.

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  • Xmmanox

    She looked like an idiot

  • fatal

    wow-so is there any end to how vain self absorbed and utterly fake the old fat cow stripper MeMe is–there must have been millions in photo editing to re create MeMe as JLo-what a fake poser poptard loser-generic lamo song as well

  • fatal

    definitely all about MeMe MeMe-seriously-she is hideous

  • Tina

    So bad!! Sooo embarrassing for is she doing:? She isn’t a teeny bopper any more but rather a mom who looks like she is trying way too hard!! Stop it!! Mariah can sing but this song doesn’t even do her voice justice at all..its so bad!

  • George Butiri

    They forgot the stripper pole in the barn.

  • Agua

    Thought it was just me. I think I am pretty liberal and I was finding her inner thigh stroking and goofy groping – that may have been a by-product of her trying to move all her fan-blown hair out of her mouth – completely uncomfortable and embarrassing to watch. I was thinking how foolish it would all look to view the video w/o sound.

  • Norma Barton

    Mariah looks to desperate in the video, I was expecting waaay more. Why can’t she just do something like what she did in the 90s. I”m sick of all this touching, grooping and running around like a teenage girl. Your 20s are over! Taylor swift doesn’t show as much skin as you cow get over yourself and start making real music again!!! sing woman, just SING!!!!