98 Degrees Perform “Microphone” On ‘Leno’: Watch

98 Degrees
98 Degrees Bring The Sexy Innuendos
With 98 Degrees back at it on their promo run for their fifth studio album 2.0, they hit The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to strut their stuff. The quartet delivered their sexually charged “Microphone” to the masses, complete with choreographed dance routines. It’s pretty obvious that the man band hasn’t missed a beat despite their long hiatus from the collective spotlight.

Jeff Timmons takes the lead on this one, cooing the seductive lyrics, as they all slap their thighs in unison to the tune of the suggestive new single. The scene kind of looked like a moment taken from Magic Mike, only the guys were completely clothed. Oh well.

Check it out up top.

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  • MusicManDave

    Good Performance. It’s like they never left the music business. This single has a great hook and the lyrics may possibly suggest grabbing something other than the title…