Kanye West Walks Into A Street Sign, Bumps Head, Chews Out Paparazzi: Watch

kanye west bump head
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This is a gift from the slapstick gods. Kanye West was walking into a restaurant in L.A. with girlfriend Kim Kardashian on Friday (May 10), and the two had their heads down as a couple paparazzi snapped photos. And then Kanye walked right into a street sign, bumping his head, complete with a comical clanging sound. It was all caught on video, and while we don’t see the moment of impact, Yeezy can be seen holding his head, probably shocked that his infallibility was so publicly dashed. We hope he’s OK, but seriously, the whole scene was so clumsy it almost seemed staged (it wasn’t: check out the bump on his head). Anyway, Yeezy then saved face the only way he knows how: by momentarily raging at the nearest photographer.

But that’s not all! There’s a second video, which you can watch below, in which the rapper emerges from the restaurant after the initial incident and runs up to a photog’s face, screaming at him, “Don’t take another fucking photo! Stop it! All of you motherfuckers, stop it!” We totally second that opinion, and usually err on the side of the stars when it comes to face-offs with the paps, because most paps are horrible water trash. But Kanye’s little blunder was no photographer’s fault. 

  • stephanie


  • Yeah no

    Um. So the pap is paparazzi is there to snap pictures of Kanye and Kim, and they don’t want that so they keep their heads down. Then he hits his head. Thus, the paps presence caused Kanye to hit his head. Ye’s blunder was, when it comes down to it, the paps fault.

  • danielle

    o poor kanye life is so tough .. wah wahhhh .. he walked into a fuking sign i woulda laughed at myself not bugged out … he has so much money and nothing to worry about and kim has no idea what the real world is about … go to work 5 days a week and work to survive .. both of them wouldnt be able to handle it .. yet a normal person like myself can say i would laugh about something like that!

  • dinky

    just like he is not watching what he is doing with this relationship he is go keep bumping his head!

  • dinky

    he is up for a rude awakening! he bumped his head now but later he will be hitting his own self in the head for getting into this relationship with a fame whore!