Christina Aguilera In Talks To Return For ‘The Voice’ Season 5 (For A Rumored $12 Million)

Iconic songbird Christina Aguilera is planning to bring her studded diaper back to the swiveling chair for another year: According to The Hollywood Reporterafter taking a year off to work on promoting her album Lotus (which, yikes, didn’t work out very well for her, did it?), the Legend Of The United States is in talks to return to The Voice for a fifth season — and rumor has it that she’s asking for $12 million. 

While, as THR notes, there’s been a positive response to new coaches Usher and Shakira, Legendtina’s three-season reign on the show was unrivaled — and, diplomatically, she’s encountered much more success as a coach on The Voice than she has as a recording artist as of late, the success of her Pitbull collab “Feel This Moment” notwithstanding. While Aguilera has managed to notch a dance hit with “Let There Be Love,” mainstream radio success as a solo artist has continued to elude her, and she may be better off returning to where she’s now loved best.

Whether or not she can really command $12 million seems suspect, but if so: Stack that paper, Christina, and let there be love.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

  • Blue37

    I’m not a fan of the clothes Christina’s wears on this show.I believe it takes away the class that Shakira had brought to the show. The show is doing quite well. Usher may or may not be an asset, I still haven’t made up my mind as he seems to be “stiff” in his comments to the contestants.

  • Hello_Again

    Why? Because her music career is nonexistent? The show is doing really well and I’m enjoying the first season I’m watching. If Christina returns, I won’t return as a viewer.

    • Guest1986

      Yeah, they are WITHOUT A DOUBT paying her 12,000,000 $ or more to return because Mark Burnett feels sorry for her as her music career is nonexistent….What a nonsense!!! She is the highest-paid judge on the panel because she is one of the best voices in the world!!! Not to mention she’s the only one who actually gives critisism to the contestants! After all they are on the show to learn from their mistakes!

  • Guest1986

    Love that Christina will be back!!! I missed her a lot this season! Shakira is nice as a person but to me – not very good as a coach! She hardly ever gives any vocal advice to the contestants…her comments on the performances are all the same!