Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, PSY To Perform On ‘American Idol’ Finale

Well, it’s been a long, bleary season of American Idol, but at last, tonight’s finale is upon us, and the show gets to do what it does best: Promote its own! Yes, the show’s resident diva Mariah Carey will be performing her still-astonishingly-good new single “#Beautiful” (hashtag beautiful) as part of a medley of her greatest hits including “Vision of Love,” “Make It Happen,” “We Belong Together,” “My All” and “Hero.” Randy Jackson will be on bass, and she’ll be backed by a full gospel choir, so it sounds like the performance will be very relaxed and mellow and not at all self-congratulatory. (Then again, if anyone deserves that level of pomp and circumstance, it’s definitely Mariah Carey, right?)

Also! Glittery pop prince Adam Lambert will be returning to the Idol stage (to duet with Angie Miller), and — presumably because Scooter Braun has compromising photos of Ryan Seacrest that he’s using to blackmail him, because there’s literally no other reason I can imagine why this would be happening — novelty K-pop act PSY will be performing his new single, “Gentleman.”

It’s going to be a long night, folks.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

  • hunger for more

    I can’t wait to see Adam. :) I’m so glad he’s performing and getting the recognition he deserves this year.

    • Viewer2

      Seacrest IGNORED Adam after the song, totally focused on that female singer who invited Angie to London. Then he finally , very lamely told Adam “oh it’s nice to see you too”. Ryan Seacrest is a bitch. Maybe his nasty little show can’t always pick the REAL winners and he’s all butt-hurt about that. Both Adam and Clay Aikin were the real winners of their shows.

      • Gwen McCory

        OMG..I agree totally with you. After watching Adam sing and get ignored by little Ryan Seacrest, I turned it off. Haven’t watched Idol since 2008 and after tonight seeing the rude behavior of Ryan, will never watch again. He has always been condescending to Adam. So homophobic he is pathetic.

  • Laura

    Yes! Been anxiously waiting to see Adam again.

  • beab

    About time we see Adam perform, to bad he can’t do a solo. Remember when he sang the finale with Queen and blew Chris off the map ? Now THAT was when A.I. was at its greatest !!!

    • Viewer2

      Yes it was great, everything compared to that seemed beige.

  • Sherry Sullivan

    Oh dear gawd why is Mariah performing tonight I’d had enough of her voice and her antics during the season. There isn’t one celebrity I’m anxious to see on the show other than Adam Lambert. Who cares about Psy.

  • Lorie Heller

    I’ll be watching the finale to see Adam sing. Don’t care who wins.

  • Kat23

    Sam…really…Adam is back because the show really sucks right now…ratings have plummeted….Ever since Adam’s year it has been on a down hill slide…plus…guess what Adam is fantastic…made history with his highly acclaimed and number one debuting Trespassing cd….and has been successfully touring Europe…wow your comments are so FU.

    • Lydia

      Kat23 – Sam was referring to why Psy was going to be on the show, not Adam. It is worded oddly, but he’s not slamming Adam. He’s slamming Psy

  • LLB

    I will see Adam, have not seen A.I. since season 8 but tonight and JUST for Adam I will see it again.
    As for Psy, please….
    And…why is Adam not singing solo?
    American Idol continues on the wrong path, I said that this year a girl would get to the finals so…they have two girls to make sure one will win, so predictable.

  • guest

    all the glamberts are getting there hopes up so high. yes adam is making appearance. once again idol is pimping him to get a few more watchers.

  • Sue

    It will only be a long night if Adam Lambert performs last. Can not WAIT to see him! The man is magical!

  • jan

    lol. who the heck is Scooter Braun ? agent for PSY? (not a fan) but by tradition I will watch the Idol Finale. I will dvr so I can rewind and watch Adam Lambert part multiple times.
    Oh How I would love to see Adam and Mariah sing together. Two of the best voices in history !!!!!!!!!

  • wtf2

    LOL Adam would sing with Mariah but she knows he would sing circles around her and she’d be like WHAAAT??

    I don’t think he should have to be singing with the random runner-up either (sorry Angie fans) – but I’ll take what I can get