Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Tease “Live It Up” Video With Sneak Peek: Watch

Like one of Stefon’s favorite New York hotspots, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull‘s upcoming video for “Live It Up” has everything! Fierce boots! A beach party! People getting sprayed down with alcohol! Ferocious choreography! J.Lo rocking a fierce orange lip! Pitbull in a robin’s egg blue suit! Actual pitbulls!

(Except that one. There are no actual pitbulls in the video. Although there probably should be.)

The quick clip of the video basically serves as a highlights reel for what to expect when the actual thing drops, but it looks like a lot of fun, so good work, everyone. Live your life and stay out on the floor, or whatever. (Sorry, wrong song.)

Watch up top.

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