The Limousines’ “Love Is A Dog From Hell”: Idolator Premiere

Bay Area duo The Limousines try to resist temptation with “Love Is A Dog From Hell” — the new single we’re excited to premiere from their upcoming sophomore album, Hush. The track is an ’80s-inspired New Wave gem about the temptations of falling in love. Interestingly enough, the song’s title is borrowed from a book by poet Charles Bukowski that discusses the darker side of love. Heady stuff!

The track’s shimmering, dream-like synths are paired with lyrics about cigarettes, kisses and heaven, and it’ll surely leave you reminiscing about the one who got away. Head below to hear “Love Is a Dog From Hell,” and to check out the Hush trailer/album teaser, which briefly demonstrates how The Limos have diversified their electro-pop stylings (peep that velvety sax on “Fool’s Gold”!).

The Limousines — “Love Is a Dog From Hell”

Hush, The Limos’ follow-up to 2010’s Get Sharp, drops on June 6.

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