The Dream, 2 Chainz & Beyonce’s “Turnt”: Hear The Full Track

There really isn’t much to say about this song that I didn’t already say when the snippet leaked a week ago, so I’ll say it again: New Beyonce. New Beyonce! New Beyonce. It’s just a guest spot on a new track from The-Dream, but it’s still something, right? Right.

So what kind of something is it? Well, it gives Beyonce a space to be a hook girl, which feels a bit odd, given the total absence of vocal pyrotechnics — frankly, LaTavia Roberson could have pulled off this hook capably — but she namedrops Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie, and that’s pretty weird/cool. Also, 2 Chainz‘s rap is great in a slightly stomach-turning sort of way (he says he’d drink your bathwater, which is just so ugh). I don’t know. It’s effectively ratchet, so if that’s what they were going for, A+ all around, but I think all parties involved can probably do better.

Listen below.

The-Dream feat. Beyonce & 2 Chainz

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  • drew

    Alright…. I’m gonna show Beyonce some love here (GASP)… but this is more of a good sound for her…I like when Bey doesn’t try super hard to be queen b… when she is low-key/humble/sticking to her r&b roots, it’s much more authentic – “Bow Down” ironically just showed her insecurity to me, but this is what’s up right here.