Jonas Brothers To Perform At Miss USA Pageant, Nick Jonas To Co-Host

We’re not gonna pretend like we know the difference between Miss USA and Miss America, but now we have a handy device to distinguish the two (for this year, at least): Miss USA is the one that will have a Jonas Brothers performance. The JoBros will try to get all the contestants at this year’s Miss USA pageant to put their pom poms down on June 16, and Nick Jonas is co-hosting the whole broadcast with Giuliana Rancic.

This performance comes about a month before the Bros head on a national tour, which should feature more new material from their forthcoming album. Head below to see their tweets with the Miss USA announcements.


  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Nick Jonas is about the hottest thing in the music scene today.The kid is yummy.I wish there were more pictures of him scantydly dress or better more undressed.Sweeeeet all over.

  • burnin up for jb

    awsome!jb 4life

  • Hello_Again

    Mmmmm Nick