Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson Being Considered As ‘American Idol’ Judges: Report

May 22nd, 2013 // 39 Comments
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American Idol may be getting a very different type of shake-up for next season: Vulture reports (via a tipster with “knowledge of the situation”) that producers are considering replacing at least one, if not all of the judges. with former contestants. Reportedly, Kelly Clarkson (amazing) and Jennifer Hudson (amazing) have already been approached, and Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken are also being considered.

Can we just take a minute to entertain the idea of a Kelly Clarkson-Jennifer Hudson-Adam Lambert panel? (Clay Aiken is fine and charming but ultimately sort of whatever.) Clarkson would bring all sorts of honest, down-to-earth life lessons and bits of wisdom; Hudson would serve up all kinds of diva shenanigans; and Adam Lambert would be literally the most glamorous human alive. Most importantly, all of those artists are talented, not so massively huge that they’d command Mariah Carey-level paychecks, and — crucially — they know what makes great television. 

Since iconic stars haven’t yielded the right ratings magic for the show, this could be exactly the thing to breathe some much-needed new life into the show, which feels like it’s wheezing its way into a 95th season. Let’s hope they can actually nail this one down.

[via Vulture]


  1. Jason

    Adam Lambert (amazing).

  2. melody

    YES for sure.. BEST IDEA YET FOR IDOL.. love Kelly, Adam an Jennifer. Now that would be exciting judges panel

  3. Tim

    Kelly and Adam woul be amazing)

  4. Mmai

    Adam lambert!!!! Yesssss…..

  5. Mar

    Adam Lambert is the best choice by far: besides talent, contender experience….. HE IS SMART, OUTSPOKEN and can easlity and correctly speak english- as an educated person.
    Nobody has Adam’s charisma.

  6. Joshua Braintree

    Kelly and Adam. The others. no.

  7. I don’t think hiring former Idols is the answer. However, since it’s being discussed, here’s my take on it:

    Kelly Clarkson – was a judge on Duets, and not a very good one. As nice as she is, and as good as a singer as she is, you can say “cool” only so many times, before it becomes tedious.

    Adam Lambert – Polarizing and hard to watch. But he’s been campaigning hard for the job, so who knows.

    Clay Aiken – Has judged some other non-TV competitions. Has potential.

    Jennifer Hudson – Maybe. Don’t know how she would do. Not everyone can be a judge.

    I think they should return to the 3-judge format and seat some non-performers, who have experience in the music business. One Idol at the most.

    • Elaine

      Adam Lambert is not “polarizing” except to Kris Allen fans who hate that Adam is far more popular and successful than the guy who won by cheating. Adam would make a great judge.

    • The last thing Adam Lambert is, is hard to watch. He’s campaigning because he was on the short list last year and was the first Idol ever to mentor. Obviously, the show see’s his potential even if you don’t And who isn’t polarizing? Do you think Clay isn’t polarizing? hahahahahahah! #claymate

  8. Roger

    The American Idol bunch aren’t smart enough to choose Adam Lambert. They will pick someone just as wrong as Nikki. The show is on life support, another round of poor decisions by the powers that be, and it will flatline.

  9. Connie

    Kelly and Clay would make great judges . I would watch for sure . Both are knowledgable about the business and would be interested in helping the contestants . Plus both are snarky and very funny together . I like Carol’s idea of having one non-performing pro as a fourth seat on the panel .

    Now who could they get to replace Ryan ? ;-)

    • Bunny

      Fans jump up with the me me thing going on… I don’t know what “whatever” means but I saw Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice and he’s one tough dude. Connie is right – Kelly and Clay are both funny. Humor is a good thing. They are also both generous with the spotlight, not so much true with some of the other names being bandied about.

  10. Internetos

    @ Carol Farmer
    How in this world can Adam be hard to watch???!!!! According to me, he’s a pleasure to watch and to listen too for hours. He IS A SPEAKER, the has the skills and the education required; he’s excellent on this area, anyways way over the average.
    Polarizing??!! You have to update your self on this matter: “Adam being polarizing” is an old topic. This matter that has already been overcame since 1-2 years.

    • Joe

      Perfect example of a rabid fan who thinks his/her opinion is the only one that counts. You have to allow others their opinions, time to grow up. This is the reason fans should have no say.

      • The Glamberts are the most obnoxious of all fans. They make me hate Adam.

      • Internetos

        Dear Jo and NJ,
        So you too had a chance to express your opinions and I respect them. Where’s the problem? I think this is what communication is all about: express opinions in a positive and honest way.
        Have a great week both of you, enjoy your life.

  11. JS

    When it comes to fans professing who would be the best judge of course it comes down to their idol who will always be best in their eyes. Realistically, AI should not pay attention to fan opinions since most of those opinions are related to fan wars and/or campaigning for their own idol. Objectivity is not a trait of most idol fans.

  12. They need to look back on what worked from Season 1-7 with three judges with different personalities and areas of expertise. I don’t see the value in having ALL past contestants as judges.

    “and Adam Lambert would be literally the most glamorous human alive.” HE ALREADY IS. LOL



  14. Kara

    I agree that Adam Lambert would be a good choice. He’s intelligent, dynamic & would have a credible opinion, however, I am do feel that the panel should not be all former contestants and they shouldn’t all be singers.

  15. Using successful ex-Idols is the way to go, they know the process and the system well. Adam wouldn’t only bring glamour, he’d bring years of experience, astute observations, humour, wit and really good advice. I don’t know Jennifer’s personality but Kelly is a great one. It will depend on how busy they all are.

    • I agree with using qualified AI alums, but think only one to two at most would be best. Yet I’m still open to trying a complete panel of 3. I think it would be different and bring the fun back to AI. What harm can it do trying this? They’ve tried everything else and it’s failed. Ratings have been going down since Season 8, yet viewer numbers are still equivalent to The Voice, and sometimes higher…yet The Voice already has at least two more seasons scheduled. I think advertisers still like the millions that AI brings to the table – even if way less than it used to be. There are so many more singing and talent competition reality shows on tv now. Of course their numbers are going to be lower than in the beginning, yet over 14 million still tuned in to AI this season. Even if viewer numbers continue to go down, the show still brings in more viewers than many other shows on tv.

  16. “Adam-azing” Lambert would be just that … Amazing! Would love an all-Idol panel … would really bring some honesty into what being a contestant is really all about. Kelly, Adam & Jennifer, terrific choices! Clay Aiken? Um, not so much!

    If Adam isn’t signed on as a judge for this next season, Idol is making a huge mistake … HUGE! He’s smart, witty, has a fantastic set of pipes, he’s charismatic with a great TV personality … he’s PERFECT! Look no further, Idol ….

    • Adam hasn’t reached any real heights in his career. He isn’t even a platinum seller. His latest album has only sold 143k in a whole year and has no songs on the charts. His fans are not good judges as to who would be credible on the panel.

      • barbls

        Adam is on the world stage and is a Worldwide star. Cannot say that about a most of today’s artists. He was on the premiere show of China Idol and the China Voice Finale! He rocked it with Queen in Europe to a 250,000 audience in Kiev and got tremendous reviews wherever they played. We do not know what Adam’s album or singles sold world-wide and let’s not go to conservative radio in the U,S,. Hoping they finally let his music out of the box with Era3! Who else, but his fans, are the best judges. We have seen him in concerts around the world, receiving Music Awards in other countries and being honored for his humanity here in the U.S.. He is enormously talented, charismatic, full of personality, articulate, intelligent, funny, gorgeous, adorable, and would have chemistry with any panel. He is a former contestant and knows what that is like, but is real and honest and would tell it like it is.

      • barbls

        Also his album “Trespassing” got tremendous reviews. Better than Bieber’s, Clarkson’s, or Rhianna’s! They were on most Music sites Top 10 2012 List. That his music is not played in the U.S. or was never up for an award speaks more to the Music World and not to his creative, exciting album, which he wrote on almost every song!

        • Adam has no clue about success in America. American Idol is not Chinese Idol. He can stay in China, we won’t miss him. David Hasselhoff is a superstar in Germany. We don’t care.

          • barbls

            Shareen, You know what! Don’t really care what you think. You’ve showed by your last comment who and what your are! Full of crap!!

      • Daisy

        Ng Shareen, I saw you making the exact same comment on another article on another site. Please give it up already because it is getting really boring!

    • Mar

      Ng, you make no sense…..better go back to your regular (smoking!) ritual. Except for you, we are sane , intelligent people. I don’t want to say anything more that that because I am a reasonable and respectful person. However, If you really don’t like Adam, I suggest you go post on other sites ( the negative ones).
      WE ARE POSITIVE, FUN, LOVING! !!!!!!!!!

  17. kitty

    I’m not sure I’d want a panel of only ex-Idols, but I definately want Adam Lambert on the panel. He is smart, witty, experienced in many types of performing, edgy, articulate, compassionate and just downright gorgeous.

  18. tiki

    As much as I’d love to see Adam Lambert in my livingroom twice a week, the show is DONE. Let it rest in peace and thanks for the memories . . .
    BTW the one judge I did find entertaining at the beginning of his season was Steven Tyler until they kept reining him in, to the point he just gave up, sat there and said ” that was good, I liked that” . . .

  19. Kerry

    I’m still not over the fact that they passed on Aretha Franklin for Nicki Minaj. Instead of a legend they chose a porn star turned rapper. I’m done with Idol.

  20. Daisy

    I will watch American Idol if Adam Lambert is on the judging panel.

    • Joe D.

      Same here. Lambert will be the best judge: he will offer real critique , useful and actionable advice, all in well formed English sentences . I will definitely watch

  21. Syndi

    I would watch if Clay was a judge, and I like Kelly, but that’s the only reason I’d watch again. No one else has any appeal.

  22. I think we have learned here that Claymates will watch AI again if Clay is a judge, and Glamberts will watch it if Adam is a judge. So who might bring the most fan viewers? The facts available in this department are: Twitter (Clay 48,000 & Adam over 2 million) Google (Clay 6.1 million & Adam 62.1 million results) FaceBook (Clay 39,555 & Adam 4.1 million). Those are the real number facts involved here.

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