Rihanna Posts NSFW Denim Thong Photo On Instagram

May 22nd, 2013 // 4 Comments
rihanna denim thong top

Rihanna earlier today (May 22) posted a photo of herself rocking a denim thong. What more can we say? Yes, there was a regular lingerie thong underneath, but she is most definitely wearing what could only be described as a D-string. Or maybe a J-string. Was this the result of her cutting her daisy dukes too short? Kind of like when you try to even out your sideburns so you go too high on one side, then you attempt to balance it out on the other side, but you go too high there, so you just keep going up and up and up until there are no sideburns left. Or was this constructed with the explicit aim of becoming a denim thong? Existential questions for trying times!

Based on the accompanying note, this particular piece of attire was part of RiRi’s her stripper-themed “Pour It Up” video. But for once, the star wasn’t so unapologetic: she quickly deleted the image. Luckily, The Cut got a screencap before the offending post was scrubbed from the Web. Up top we’ve just given you the whale tail portion, so head below to see the NSFW, full moon photo.

rihanna denim thong

What do you think of RiRi’s D-string look? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebookand Twitter!


  1. dan

    People of Walmart.

  2. fatal

    she looks like she smells bad

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