Katy Perry Is Currently Embroiled In A Twitter Beef With Loathsome Chicago Rapper Chief Keef

Katy Perry is currently in the middle of an ugly Twitter spat with Chicago MC Chief Keef (well, the “ugly” part is all on Keef’s end). Perry recently tweeted about Keef’s song, “Hate Bein’ Sober,” saying “Just heard a new song on the radio called ‘I hate being sober’ I now have serious doubt for the world.” In terms of insults, that isn’t even up to the level of the light ribbing Diplo lobbed Daft Punk‘s way. Pretty harmless. Well, the eminently reasonable Chief Keef took major offense, and also took a page out of the Chris Brown Handbook of Twitter Etiquette (always a wise career move!), throwing a couple misogynistic tweets her way – including one in which he said he’d “smack the shit out of her.” Classy, bro!

For those of you not up to speed on Keef, here’s the CliffsNotes version. He’s a controversial figure in the hip-hop world, inspiring many a thinkpiece. Kanye West helped fuel the kid’s rise when he highlighted “I Don’t Like,” but rap fans are divided on Keef’s music – does he make mind-numbing bangers or does he tap into a grittiness that’s been missing from rap recently? But he’s mainly a flashpoint because of his generally contemptible behavior: Keef has been arrested on drug and gun charges, he has been involved in a shootout with police and he celebrated the death of one of his rivals via Twitter. So, yeah.

Dude’s only 17, so you can chalk this stuff up to him being a dumb, idiot teenager just like all the dumb, idiot teenagers acting like dumb idiots, but this is another off-putting episode in the rapper’s short career. Anyway, head below to see the SMH-worthy tweets.




[via Complex]

  • jus10

    Katy Perry has NO ROOM to call out any other artist. At least Chief Keef writes his own music UNLIKE PERRY who borrows all of Britney’s writers and producers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Lithophilous/1118124451 Lee Lithophilous

      what are you saying??? katy perry has co-written or written EVERY ONE OF HER SONGS, ever since her christian album. Your argument is invalid

      • Musickluvr

        Okay, I did my research and I was COMPLETELY wrong. However, I still dislike her. Haha. I feel like a majuh jackass.

  • jus10

    Katy Perry, that’s the sh*t I don’t like!

  • jus10

    *Hi, I’m Katy Perry. I put on bright colored wigs and sing songs that I don’t write* HEHEH SO ARTISTIC

  • jus10

    I may or may not dislike Katy Perry.

    • Ewout Bruneel

      you can freely dislike or like some-one, but you don’t have to be a dick about it..

      • jus10

        Just being dramatic about it. I actually have lyyyke 4 songs of hers downloaded. She actually has a decent voice. And at least she’s better than Jesse J.

  • Hello_Again

    Can’t believe I’m saying but I’m team Katy for this. The world is going down the crapper.

  • Ronald Eversley

    All katy talk about is sex and meltin popsicles…like i am going to let my daughter sing that…Plus my momma always said if you dont have nothing nice to say mind your business and shut up.