Whatcha Say: The Billboard Music Awards, American Idol & Katy Perry Got Our Readers Talking

The music industry was all kinds of crazy this week, from the unexpected moments at this year’s Billboard Music Awards to Paris Hilton announcing her musical comeback. (FINALLY!) Soul sisters Kelly Rowland and Beyonce both released new music, while Katy Perry found herself in a bizarre Twitter war with rapper Chief Keef. 

The drama was heavy on Idolator, too: This week’s Ibrawlator was a Billboard Music Awards-themed battle of performances by Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez, while our favorite Pop Princesses — Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears — went head to head in the first installment of “Magazine Melee.” Speaking of, have you voted yet?

Check out some of this week’s best comments below!

:: When we asked what RiRi was Googling in our Caption This contest for the week, Sasha J. knew just what was in her search history: “Does Amazon.com deliver combs Prime?”

:: According to King L., there can only be one Pop Princess: “I can’t at you putting Britney in a post with them other girls. She’s on a whole different level.”

:: The Glamberts expressed their approval of Adam Lambert possibly joining the Idol judging panel, including kitty: “I’m not sure I’d want a panel of only ex-Idols, but I definately want Adam Lambert on the panel. He is smart, witty, experienced in many types of performing, edgy, articulate, compassionate and just downright gorgeous.”

:: Sebastian Red is just as excited about Paris Hilton’s comeback as we are! He exclaimed (with a hashtag, of course), “#SQUUEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLL I’m seriously as happy as that pig in the Geico commercial.”

:: Lazorkat thinks Daft Punk’s new album is on another level: “It’s a work of art that belongs in a museum, except that it’s music, and if it was in a museum I couldn’t listen to it on repeat for 12 hours. In all seriousness this is one to set aside an evening at home, get out the Hi-Fi cans, and just appreciate a Daft Punk masterpiece. This isn’t an album built for the charts, it is sincere and obsessively produced quality.”

:: JoeDaMan critiqued Maroon 5’s performance on The Voice, saying “The Adam Levine and Maroon 5 set design and outfits on The Voice reminded me of the old tidy bowl man commercial. All dressed in white and blue liquid flowing out of the toilet. How original!”

:: Kathleen Stoughton-Trahan was disappointed with this year’s Billboard Music Awards, and the entire music industry: “The whole show was a joke and only pointed out what is wrong with music today. Lip syncing belongs in the pits of hell, not on live TV shows.”

:: Many people were feeling Jennifer Lopez’s Billboard Music Awards performance, especially Britney Lover:Holy crap J.Lo tore the house down!!!!!!!!! Flawless performance of an otherwise an average song! Werk it, Mama!!!!!”

:: Finally, jus10 summed up the odd Katy Perry/Chief Keef Twitter beef perfectly: “That’s the sh*t I don’t like!”

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