Mariah Carey’s Performance Of “#Beautiful” On ‘Good Morning America’ Is A Flawless Mess: Watch

Mariah Carey Good Morning America
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There was nothing about Mariah Carey‘s performance on Good Morning America this morning that went according to plan — and yet, somehow, it’s probably her greatest appearance ever. Such is the way with Mariah Carey, a walking camp classic, the diva to end all divas.

As Mimi, joined by her collaborator Miguel, took the stage, everything seemed to go horribly wrong, and perfectly right. 

Some noteworthy highlights:

1. She said, “Shit,” then covered badly by saying, “I said ‘Shoot.’” No you didn’t!
2. She explained that she gets up at this hour (it was very early), and then said, “I don’t mean I wake up, I mean I go to sleep. It’s kinda the same thing for me.” Which, really, what does that mean? What does that even mean, Mariah? Do you know? Does anyone?
3. Her dress popped open in the back.
4. “I love you, Donatella, but it popped, darling.”
5. “I just wanted to change the ensemb.”
6. “Both of them are out now.” (She was talking about her breasts.)
7. “What should we call this — the Central Park Saga?”
8. “It seems like it’s several moments. It seems like a YouTube moment. Possibly Spotify, even.” (Does Mariah Carey know what Spotify is?)
9. The audio was terrible in the performance, so both Mariah and Miguel sounded kind of awful.
10. It didn’t matter.

Watch the rest of the footage — a medley of her hits and some great interview chatter, including the above — below.

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  • Martin B

    Sam Lansky: I LOVE THIS ARTICLE! You’ve got a terrific tone to your writing. Sounds like you’re chatting with a good friend, and it’s fun to read that. I laughed out loud when you said “What does that even mean? Does she know? Does anyone?” I thought that too when I watched the clip. Getting up and going to be are kind of the same thing? Huh? But the thing I liked most about what you said is that none of it mattered. I’m with you there buddy. To me, it’s the most HUMAN I’ve ever seen her act. Even if her comments were impossible brain-twisters.

    • Martin B

      And sorry, “going to be” should read “going to bed.”

  • Hello_Again

    She always interacts with the audience in that fashion (at least the multiple times I’ve seen her before)

  • Anon

    It was an awkward, hard-to-watch disaster! What did you see????

  • Charlie

    Here’s a better video of the performance:

    Guess it all depends on how it’s uploaded.

  • fatal

    let see she was too fat too fit in her clothes spent more time on her wardrobe malfunction than singing-was a self absorbed ridiculous skannkk on stage and what she did sing over the soundtrack came out like some kind of scraping screeching sound that had to be edited out for the west coast airing-MeMe pays this sight a huge sum of money obviously -she was THE WORST participant in the GMA concert series to date-and come on- half arsed performed song which consisted mostly of MeMe staring at her own boobs and legs constantly while sitting a throne-what a self absorbed hag-she is so NOT diva-just a psycho fame drooling vain horrible skankkk

  • fatal

    oh and -as we know from Beyonce’s lipsyncing fiasco–when a poptard trash over rated stripper makes huge painful faces while putting their fingers in their ear-they are lipsyncing it-sorry MeMe your still the worst actress known to man