Hear Jennifer Hudson’s New Song “Gone, Gone, Gone”

Jennifer Hudson has released her first new music in two years: “Gone, Gone, Gone,” a ’90s R&B throwback in which Hudson commands attention and reclaims her independence from an unappreciative beau.

“So I’m gone / like the rent you done spent up, at the strip club with your friends, buying them dollar dances,” she sings. “I’ll be gone / like the job you had last week, like the promise you don’t keep, like the dealer took your Jeep.”

Before Hudson signed on to return to American Idol as a judge, she hit the studio to begin recording her follow-up to 2011′s I Remember Me. Hudson has yet to reveal other details or even link “Gone, Gone, Gone” to her new album, but here’s to hoping she has more to share soon. For now, hear her new song after the jump.

  • Hello_Again

    Too bad Phil Phillips second hit single has the same title. Next!

  • Teri

    Love it!

  • AXG

    This song is a snooze! Why is it so hard to get this AMAZING talent, some good material???

  • Jacque

    Nice. Jennifer has a great voice

  • Poppy Jones

    I think she needs to show herself in rare form. Perhaps a little kinky.

  • Poppy Jones

    Oh but she does have a fantastic voice. I can listen to her sing all day, and I don’t have to see her perform. That’s what so good about her.