Adam Lambert Performs New Song “Love Wins Over Glamour”: Watch

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“Love was far out of sight, I was unsatisfied, I wanna do it right, I need to love tonight,” Adam Lambert sings in “Love Wins Over Glamour,” a song written exclusively for Saturday’s Live Ball in Vienna. The Trespassing star debuted the song while dressed as Ali Baba, in part of the charity gala’s Arabian Nights theme.

Lambert’s overcoat and turban glittered under the stage lights. His backup dancers parted as he struted right through. “Open sesame!” he yelled, before he turned to outstretch his arms, commanding a curtain to draw and revealing even more dancers ready to entertain. Given the night’s theme, plus a fashion show by Roberto Cavalli, Lambert’s performance was indeed a bit glamorous.

But before he left the stage, he cut to the heart of the Live Ball’s aims: “Pots of gold won’t do, little brother / if you don’t share your love with one another / Flash don’t matter, love wins over glamour.” Watch the live debut of “Love Wins Over Glamour” up top.

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  • barbls

    Adam’s performance was spectacular! I love ‘Love Wins Over Glamour’. Must have the song! Please Life Ball put it on iTunes so I can buy! It is so addicting! I can’t stop listening!

  • Katarina

    Love the Ali Baba and the 40 thieves theme!!!!!! Adam totally pulls this off. The song is catchy and sticks in my head. When Adam Lambert takes the stage all eyes are on him. Sign this guy up as a judge on American Idol next year. If the US doesn’t wise up and give Adam the respect that he has earned and more than deserves and play his music on radio, he will leave and live in one of the many countries in the world that embrace him and totally get him. He is so original and is an extreme talent, better than anything Top 40 radio plays over and over again, to death. Bieber, Rhianna, Swift, Bruno etc. all cookie cutter – non original……………………

  • Sam

    Fantastic performance by Adam Lambert. And I love the song “Love Wins Over Glamour”!

  • Dawn

    Ditto the three posts before me. This performance was part of a two hour spectacular – and how cool that Adam got to perform the debut song during the opening for #LifeBall2013:-) Can’t wait to buy it too. And would be really nice if it this song “Love Wins Over Glamor” could be released as a single!

    • Terry Alexander

      I received a note today from someone on the Discus site who said Adam had already recorded a studio version. So now we wait…

  • Trudy

    I have been thinking about this for a long time as stated above….Adam will leave the U.S. (and us in Canada) and probably move to Europe. His career is on fire in so many other countries. Just think about the size of the audience of Chinese Idol and The Voice China. I’m not sure I want to see him as a judge on American Idol ’cause I think this show already has one foot in the grave….let it die. Really, how many years do we have to watch this crap after the incredible “Adam season”.

  • Hello_Again

    WTF is he wearing?

    • Internetos

      @ Hello,

      Adam is “playing ” Ali Baba, so he is wearing a costume that most people would accept as suitable for this character. The whole set-up was decided by people in Vienna based on their experience and (local, known) expectations.