Mariah Carey Announces Departure From ‘American Idol,’ Upcoming World Tour

Mariah Carey? Oh, no, she can’t be bothered. Sorry, honey. She’s busy. Busy being the greatest diva ever; busy oh-so-casually releasing the song of the summer; busy not giving a shit what anybody else thinks. In fact, she’s so busy that she can’t even be troubled to make a formal announcement about leaving American Idol after one season as a judge (we all knew she was leaving, but still), and an upcoming world tour. All she can do is retweet.

Yes, the whistle-range soul sister gave her publicist PMK BNC the ole RT this evening by way of letting the world know that she’s over the Idol machine and is planning a “world tour.” (They also reminded us that “#Beautiful” has gone #1 in 30 countries so far, because it’s Mariah Carey, and that’s how she does it.)

See the tweet below.

Sorry, Idol. Mimi’s got bigger fish to fry.