Watch Miguel Discuss (And Freestyle About) The Infamous Leg-Drop Incident

These days, Miguel is one of the most effortlessly cool pop stars around. Which is why his Billboard Music Awards jump blunder was so jarring. Luckily, because he’s such a cool cat, he’s uniquely able to deal with his instant GIF-ization with grace. He recently spoke about the incident with Kiss FM UK, and admitted he was “super uncomfortable” during the post-jump interview with victim Khyati Shah (who may be seeking legal action).

Up top, watch Miguel talk about what went through his head as soon as he landed from his ill-fated leap. “I was mortified first of all, because you have to remember that I’m still human so my natural inclination is to be ‘Are you OK?’ But the professional part is you have to finish the show, finish and then deal with everything,” he said. “Had I stopped the show, it would have been even worse. It would have been extremely worse, on national television, can you imagine? It would’ve been mayhem.” Solid point.

The singer says right after his performance, he escorted Khyati to the infirmary. (Again, STILL NO WORD ON VICTIM NUMBER 2. IS SHE ALIVE?!) Miguel also admitted that he got some laughs from the memes in the days following. And if you’re not buying that he has a sense of humor about the whole thing, head below to hear him freestyle about it on BBC Radio (freestyle starts at 7:35).