Kanye West’s “New Slaves”: Hear A One-Minute Snippet Of The Studio Version

Kanye West premiered his Yeezus track “New Slaves” a few weeks ago in typically understated Kanye fashion (via projecting clips onto walls in 66 cities, because sure), but now a one-minute snippet of the studio version of the song has been unveiled so we can hear it in glorious high quality.

All the elements are there: The sinister beat; Yeezy sounding increasingly deranged as his delivery ramps up in intensity; plenty of conspiracy theorizing in the lyrics. It’s actually super exciting, but as ever, it begs the question: If this is what’s on Kanye’s mind, what do he and Kim Kardashian say to each other? Surely she’s not the ablest partner for verbal sparring over systemic racial oppression. You can only talk about Lanvin for so many hours.

Anyway, listen to the snippet below.

Kanye West — New Slaves (snippet)