Jennifer Lopez’s “Live It Up” Now Comes In A Nearly Pitbull-Free Mix: Listen

The best thing about Jennifer Lopez‘s latest by-the-numbers Latin-inflected dance-pop banger “Live It Up” is that it’s actually totally amazing; the worst thing about it is that Pitbull is doing his inexplicable predatory lyrical mambo all over the track, to typically cringe-inducing effect. (“I know it’s hard to understand how a boy grew to a man / Man turned to a brand,” ugh.)

That’s why it’s such a gift to learn that there’s a “solo” version of “Live It Up” which has just premiered, and while there’s still a little Pitbull in it, there’s just a normal Jennifer Lopez verse at the beginning of the song rather than an execrable rap! As far as I’m concerned, that’s a huge victory.

Let’s just make this official version from now on, okay? I mean, sometimes they already do, but in general, wouldn’t it be better if all pop songs came this way? Especially the ones by famous divas? This should be a law, actually — if your song features Pitbull, or Flo Rida, you are legally mandated to release a solo version so nobody has to suffer. That would be great.

Listen below:

Jennifer Lopez — “Live It Up” (Solo Version)

[via Popjustice]

  • Marie800

    Nothing can save this terrible song!

  • Jay

    She keeps trying and trying doesn’t she? Her music has become so redundant…and especially the ones of her collaborations with Pitbull…”On the Floor?” “Dance Again?” and now “Live It Up?” Boring.


    THANK YOU!!!! No more Pitbull!

  • moech

    AMAZIN but i expected much better from JLO