Jennifer Lopez’s “Live It Up” Now Comes In A Nearly Pitbull-Free Mix: Listen

The best thing about Jennifer Lopez‘s latest by-the-numbers Latin-inflected dance-pop banger “Live It Up” is that it’s actually totally amazing; the worst thing about it is that Pitbull is doing his inexplicable predatory lyrical mambo all over the track, to typically cringe-inducing effect. (“I know it’s hard to understand how a boy grew to a man / Man turned to a brand,” ugh.)

That’s why it’s such a gift to learn that there’s a “solo” version of “Live It Up” which has just premiered, and while there’s still a little Pitbull in it, there’s just a normal Jennifer Lopez verse at the beginning of the song rather than an execrable rap! As far as I’m concerned, that’s a huge victory.

Let’s just make this official version from now on, okay? I mean, sometimes they already do, but in general, wouldn’t it be better if all pop songs came this way? Especially the ones by famous divas? This should be a law, actually — if your song features Pitbull, or Flo Rida, you are legally mandated to release a solo version so nobody has to suffer. That would be great.

Listen below:

Jennifer Lopez — “Live It Up” (Solo Version)

[via Popjustice]