Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran’s “Everything Has Changed” Video: Watch Kids Get Cute In The Clip

Sam Lansky | June 6, 2013 5:43 am

So Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran‘s lovely, spare ballad “Everything Has Changed” is getting a single release, and the just-debuted video for the song features some people who aren’t Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran! Yes, it’s one of those videos, where the pop stars cheat the system by using actors or animation or some other foolery when they know, of course, that all we ever really want is to see them. Why do they do it to us? They should know better.

At any rate, that’s what Taylor and Ed have gone and done here, and worse still, they’ve made it supremely likable by casting two adorable kids as lovestruck soul mates: One radiant little girl with angelic blonde curls and one sweet apple-cheeked ginger boy (sound like anyone you know?) who dance together in an empty gymnasium and do other really cute things. It’s just insufferably sweet. 

There’s a final-act twist,  as they go to meet their respective parents/older siblings/babysitters/caretakers/future selves — guess who! — but despite the brief cameo from the artists, it still feels like cheating. Even if it’s really cute cheating.

Watch up top.