Kylie Minogue’s 2003 Single “Slow” Reinvented By Frames

Australian producer Frames has dropped an almost unrecognizable remix of Kylie Minogue‘s “Slow” as the lead single from his new EP Sweat It Out. The original was a major international hit for the skirt-dropping diva way back in 2003 and remains – shockingly – her last entry on the Billboard Hot 100.

A decade later and the song still sounds remarkably fresh and current, particularly in its even sexier new format. Frames’ remix evokes sunny days, spilled sunscreen and pina coladas in plastic cups. It’s the perfect soundtrack for summer and makes us even more excited for Kylie’s imminemt return.

In an interview with One A Day, the Sydney-based knob-twiddler said: “I think we all have a soft spot for a pop starlet.”

“‘Slow’ is sexy, it’s simple and most of all it seems to walk this line of accessibility versus credibility,” he continued. “It works at every kind of party I get to play at, from nightclubs to BBQs, house parties to bars.”

Listen to the track on Frames’ Soundcloud and watch his re-edited version of Minogue’s eye-popping video (above).