Taylor Swift Is Already Thinking About Her Next Album, Sort Of

Oh no. Area gentlemen who have wronged Taylor Swift, time to panic: The superstar is readying her razor quill to begin writing the follow-up to her bajillion-times-platinum fourth studio album Red.

As she told reporters backstage at this week’s CMT Music Awards: “It’s starting, the anxiety is starting, and when the anxiety starts, the writing happens right afterwards usually,” she said. “I like to write for two years before I finish an album,” she continued. “Whatever I write the first year is going to get thrown away because I’m going to sound [like what I’ve done before]… I feel like staying the same is the easy way to go, but it’s not where I want to go musically.”

And there you have it. All bets are off. Hide your dignity. Taylor’s coming for it.

[via HitFix]