The Lonely Island & Alanis Morissette Bring “Semicolon,” “Ironic” To ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ : Watch

No Longer Lonely
When The Lonely Island performed “Semicolon” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the parody rap group didn’t explain why Alanis Morissette — and not Solange, as heard in the studio version — was singing the chorus, not at first anyway.

Even though “Semicolon” riffs off rap’s current obsession with commas (as in, the number that appears in their current salaries), and chancellor reference aside, the Lonely Island clearly had the ’90s in mind: “‘Did I do that?’ Urkel / Angela, Who’s the Boss? / Merkel.” So when Morissette interrupted to correct them on their use of semicolons, the Lonely Island paused, then fired back with another retro reference. 

“I gotta say Alanis — coming from you, that’s a little ironic,” Andy Samberg said — a cue for Morissette to start singing  “Ironic,” a song that’s still receiving flack for being grammatically incorrect. If only Morissette had more time to sing her more confusing, not-so-ironic lyrics, such as, “It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife / It’s meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife.”

Watch the Lonely Island and Morissette’s “Semicolon” up top.

  • Simon Harwood

    Why are you using forward slash (/) in the lyrics in this article? This whole thing is a mess, this article and the song. The song is called semicolon, so you should be using semicolons in your transcription (;), that’s your mistake. The Lonely Island actually use the punctuation incorrectly. They should be using a colon (:) as Spin concur – but then you make another glaring error by saying that the song Ironic is grammatically incorrect. It is semantically, not grammatically incorrect, as it gives examples of bad luck rather than using words that describe the opposite of what you think. Grammar = structure. Semantics = meaning.