Cher Redefines Glamour With “Woman’s World” Cover Art, Announces Performance On ‘The Voice’

Clutch those pearls, Cher fans! The timeless entertainer’s oft-delayed comeback is finally gaining real momentum with a live performance of future club classic “Woman’s World” scheduled for the season finale of The Voice on June 18.

If that isn’t enough to make you spin “A Song For The Lonely” on repeat, revisit Burlesque and unsuccessfully attempt to decipher her Twitter feed for the 100th time, perhaps the just-unveiled “Woman’s World” cover will get you there.

As expected, Cher raises the bar for elegance and glamour with an exquisite image, photoshopped to the brink of animation. The pop legend wears an understated — by her standards — headdress and coyly looks at the camera like the 18-year-old ingenue she still is at heart.

So, who’ll be watching on June 18? Give it up for the enduring diva in the comments.

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