Katy Perry Is A Cat-Aided Superhero In ‘Katy & The Popcats’ Video: Watch

Jun 12th, 2013 // Comment
Katy Perry Katy and the Popcats
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So there’s this new Katy Perry x Popchips thing that was just chucked onto YouTube, and I wanted very much to dislike it because ugh, Popchips, right? And most videos with really obvious corporate sponsorship are so groan-inducing in their crassness and cynicism and misguided attempts at resonance and the secondhand embarrassment of watching brands thirst for cool — but occasionally, every so often, somebody gets it right.

Such is the way of the mini-film that Perry just debuted as part of her deal as the face of Popchips: Katy And The Popcats, a little action clip that casts Perry as a superhero in a purple latex bodysuit (she looks bangin’), assisted by a few cats outfitted in neon wigs, as she goes to take down the nefarious Fat Cat. (Note that there are both cat heroes and cat villains in this clip, which is very nuanced, characterologically speaking.)

The villainous Fat Cat is easily the best part — I won’t spoil it — but suffice it to say it’s cute and likable and Katy Perry seems like a charming person with a great sense of humor who doesn’t take herself too seriously, and good work all around, so buy Popchips or whatever, I guess.

Watch up top.

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