Beyonce Promotes Kelly Rowland, BeyHive Drags Their Queen

Mike Wass | June 12, 2013 5:16 pm

The BeyHive has had enough! Beyonce‘s wig-snatching, shade-throwing fan army is feared wherever there’s an Internet connection. However, last night (June 11) they turned on their Queen when she had the audacity to promote Kelly Rowland‘s Talk A Good Game on her site.

Let me put the uprising in context. Emotions have been running high in the Hive for months due to a lack of communication. Stans were expecting Bey’s new era to be in full swing by now ,but we’re still essentially in the dark despite the occasional tasty crumb. We know the album will be worth the wait but a release date would be really, really appreciated.

So when R&B’s most prolific letter-writer plugged Kelly’s new opus on her website instead of her own, the Hive interpreted it as trolling and swiftly put B in check. See their ferocious and NSFW tweets after the jump. Mind you, they were back to stanning for Beysus five minutes later.

From, quite possibly, Beyonce’s biggest fan:

Then things got messy:

And this:

She kept it cute:


A lonely voice of reason: