Mariah Carey And Miguel Go Behind-The-Scenes Of “#Beautiful”. Again.

With “#Beautiful” inching ever-closer toward the top 10, Mariah Carey has dropped a second behind-the-scenes video – this time as a Facebook exclusive. The cheeky clip is a treat for the MC faithful but should also appeal to non-practicing Lambs, mainly as a work of comedy, due to some typically kooky behavior from pop’s ultimate diva.

Miguel begins the micro-documentary by expressing his love and admiration for Mimi. When he’s not drop-kicking fans in the head, the “Adorn” singer comes off as sweet and unassuming. Then it’s time for Mariah to discuss her ensemble – we all knew that was coming – and give Joseph Kahn some pointers on the art of direction. Because it’s not like he’s the most famous music video director in the world or anything.

The former American Idol judge retreats to her car and informs the crew that she won’t be writhing around in the “dirt and filth and horse dung”. It’s all extremely funny, particularly when Mariah says she’s been lying in the grass since “Dreamlover”. My favorite part is when the Nicki Minaj anti-fanclub founder randomly breaks into song. Because that’s what fabulous divas do when they are trying to make a point.

But Mimi doesn’t stop there. She reminds us that she’s single-handedly bringing back R&B, saying: “I couldn’t take the techno craze. We have to move on, move forward!”

Watch the pop legend be all-around amazing here and let us know your favorite moment in the comments.