78Violet To Enchant Fans With Live Chat

The return of Aly & AJ, now known by the rather alluring-but-confusing moniker 78Violet, has been one of the best feel-good events of 2013. To further underline the fact that the duo is back and ready to conquer the pop world with new single “Hothouse”, the lovely ladies are hosting a live chat on USTREAM tomorrow at 11:30 am PST.

What will you ask the Michalka sisters? Personally, I want to know about their stunning collaboration with Japanese dance legend Ami Suzuki. And someone needs to find out why the girls are dressed like those doomed siblings from The Virgin Suicides in their promo pics.

Tell us your question for the comeback queens in the comments.

  • Lisa

    The show in LA tonight was great. I am so happy for the girls. The only issue I have is that they start SO so late and keep everyone waiting beyond a reasonable time. They did this the last time in L.A. at HOB too. It seems they don’t care about or value their fans when they do that.