Mariah Carey Album Title ‘The Art Of Letting Go’: Did Walmart Let The Cat Out Of The Bag?

Jun 17th, 2013 // 3 Comments

On one of her earliest hits, Mariah Carey famously informed us that she “Can’t Let Go.” That, of course, was 1991, and Mimi has gone through some life-affirming moments since then (marriage, divorce, giving birth and wig-yanking Nicki Minaj, to name but a few). And in 2013, it seems, Carey is finally ready to ease her grip on certain things — at least according to Walmart.

The retailer currently has the yet-to-be-officially-revealed album title The Art Of Letting Go attributed to Mariah’s upcoming July 23 release. Carey first announced her 11th studio album’s street date earlier this month, but it looks like Walmart may have made a boo boo when inputting the preorder info onto its official site.

So far the songbird has yet to directly confirm The Art Of Letting Go as the title of her new album, which features the Miguel duet “#Beautiful.” But she did somewhat explain things on Twitter overnight, should that happen to wind up being the name of the record. See below.

And since we brought it up, let’s flash back 22 years, because “Can’t Let Go” was a damn good slow jam.

Mariah Carey — ”Can’t Let Go”

  1. fatal

    she’ll be selling it 2 for 1 after a week-just so she can spew out inflated “numbers” of how many sold-more poptard boring trash from the queen of self absorbed nausea-what a fat cow fraud

  2. L Cerano

    wow can let go sounds so good even after 23yrs.

    People will always hate on Mariah, nothing new. Hate it or love it, after more than two decades, writing and singing, but more importantly remaining relevant, Mariah is a living music legend.

  3. Jay

    Who really cares if Wal-Mart spilled the details on the title of the album? The album is scheduled to come out in a MONTH…it’s not like its due out at the end of the year. Boo hoo.

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