Eminem’s “Symphony In H”: Preview The Dark New Track

There’s a new Eminem single heading your way: Not, though, from the new album that the MC is expected to release later this year, but rather from DJ Tony Touch‘s upcoming compilation PieceMaker 3: Return Of The 50 MCs. Apparently that’s out July 9.

So! Em’s got a single on it, and in the song, “Symphony in H,” he’s channeling old-school Slim Shady — not the grown-and-mature Em of recent years, but something a little more pissy and petulant. And violent! Sure, “Got an Oscar but I’m still a grouch” is a pretty great line, but there’s a casual misogyny at play that feels like it’s grown tired in the decade since Em was at his peak: “Plus you remind me of cocaine, ho / Always in a mirror with your face off / Feel an urge to put you over the line and chop you with a razor blade,” he raps, which is just so ugh. That said, the rhymes are tight and the beat is appealingly ominous, so maybe this is just what fans have been clawing for. But I kind of hope not.

Listen below.

Eminem — “Symphony In H” (Snippet)

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