Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” Video: Review Revue

Have you watched Miley Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop” music video yet? Of course you have! Have you recovered from it yet? Probably not! And that’s OK — a french fry skull is not for the faint of heart. But you have to admit, if art is supposed to elicit reactions, than this video did its job. Our own Sam Lansky said the visual is “like a party at Terry Richardson‘s house as filmed by David Fincher that you’re watching after drinking an entire bottle of Robitussin.” We think that’s just about the most accurate description out there. Also, he meant that as a total compliment. In fact, we all loved the video so much that we decided to make a gallery of the best screengrabs, simply so we had a reason to watch it a few more times.

But how did other outlets feel about the bonkers clip? Read on for our roundup of reviews.

:: Billboard said the “completely insane” clip is “fantastically unhinged and purposefully button-pushing; this music video simply needs to be seen to be believed.”

:: USA Today was a little skeptical of the video’s intentions, saying “it’s a bizarre, entertaining but arguably desperate effort from the talented star.”

:: MTV was captivated by the shocking yet inevitable transformation. “Scandalous, sexualized and strident, full of party-hearty sentiments and barely-there sartorial flair, it may be shocking, but it’s not as if Miley hadn’t been telegraphing this transformation since at least 2012.”

:: Rap-Up says in the video Miley “unveils her hip-hop persona,” which we guess justifies the rap site’s coverage of the video.

:: CBS News got in on the action, because, news? They pointed out the video’s similarity to Fiona Apple‘s once-controversial “Criminal” clip.

:: noted “this video has it all.. and maybe a little too much?”

:: Noisey had even more questions, namely: “Is this ‘edgy?’” “Am I having a stroke” and “Where are your parents?”

:: Us Weekly summed it up nicely, calling it “over-the-top, sexed-up” and surreal.

What’s your take on the video? Let us know below, or by hitting us up on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Jack

    This is the worst review revue i’ve seen on this site. Is this really the best crop of reviews out there?

    • Carl Williott

      Um, yes? Nobody actually “reviews” music videos in the formal sense of the word. They just fire off a couple sentences describing/reacting to it.

  • someone :)

    her video was so disturbing

  • Chicken.

    Most disturbing and ratchet video out there.

    • jen

      what a joke she really should just stop get some mental help yes your all grown up age wise an adult but please be a role model normal ppl just don’t go sing about crap like that looks like you really need attention wow pretty sad

  • ac

    wth is she doing with herself now?! she’s a talented girl and shes covering it up with this disturbing image

  • deee

    i’m still trying to recover…

  • tooluuu

    Check out this parody!!

  • Realitychick

    I thought it was rather interesting, star taking her next step in life, taking the reigns. Too explicit for younger audiences, but highly fun! Loved it.

    And REALITY CHECK PEOPLE: MILEY IS NOT 15 ANYMORE, shes 21, leave the girl alone.

  • Juliana Attar

    I was so disappointed that such a young talented girl would feel that she has to behave in such a raunchy way to get attention. It’s not even sexy. It was as if she was posing for a porn mag. At one point I thought she was gonna masterbate. He poor dad must be mortified!!!

  • Pamela

    I feel she is not thinkin about the young children that watches her she is giving a very bad image to parents and Disney is now being questioned with a lot of parents on multiple issues.

  • SM

    Ok, whoa! Miley is kind of out of control in her new music video! And I don’t normally think anything is too much, but I couldn’t help but feel disturbed by this video, maybe it’s because I remember watching her in Hannah Montana- The Disney show a few years back! I think she is making a fool out of herself, what do her parents think? I don’t believe they could watch this and be like- “we’re so proud of you sweetie”. I’m a huge believer, and like to say be yourself, and do you, don’t worry about what others think or say… However, when you are in the limelight and you know you have a history of young followers, I think you should be more conscious of your actions, and try and be more inspirational versus hungry for attention. You know the kids that watched your Disney show are the same kids watching your every move. Just saying, any parent that watches this would probably not want their kids to be doing the same. The concept of the song is ok, Title: We Can’t Stop sounds innocent, but some of the lyrics- not cool, like “And everyone in line in the bathroom
    Trying to get a line in the bathroom”
    It’s her “new image” but to me, this screams out of control. She is young, and it’s sad to see her unfolding this way. Sorry for my rant, but I was shocked at this video. To be honest, I’ve never really followed Miley and her music and videos- don’t know when they began getting crazy- but this is enough for me to see that she has no boundaries… and that can only = trouble. My 2cents. Go ahead an watch it, what do you think?

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