Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” Video: Review Revue

Have you watched Miley Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop” music video yet? Of course you have! Have you recovered from it yet? Probably not! And that’s OK — a french fry skull is not for the faint of heart. But you have to admit, if art is supposed to elicit reactions, than this video did its job. Our own Sam Lansky said the visual is “like a party at Terry Richardson‘s house as filmed by David Fincher that you’re watching after drinking an entire bottle of Robitussin.” We think that’s just about the most accurate description out there. Also, he meant that as a total compliment. In fact, we all loved the video so much that we decided to make a gallery of the best screengrabs, simply so we had a reason to watch it a few more times.

But how did other outlets feel about the bonkers clip? Read on for our roundup of reviews.

:: Billboard said the “completely insane” clip is “fantastically unhinged and purposefully button-pushing; this music video simply needs to be seen to be believed.”

:: USA Today was a little skeptical of the video’s intentions, saying “it’s a bizarre, entertaining but arguably desperate effort from the talented star.”

:: MTV was captivated by the shocking yet inevitable transformation. “Scandalous, sexualized and strident, full of party-hearty sentiments and barely-there sartorial flair, it may be shocking, but it’s not as if Miley hadn’t been telegraphing this transformation since at least 2012.”

:: Rap-Up says in the video Miley “unveils her hip-hop persona,” which we guess justifies the rap site’s coverage of the video.

:: CBS News got in on the action, because, news? They pointed out the video’s similarity to Fiona Apple‘s once-controversial “Criminal” clip.

:: noted “this video has it all.. and maybe a little too much?”

:: Noisey had even more questions, namely: “Is this ‘edgy?'” “Am I having a stroke” and “Where are your parents?”

:: Us Weekly summed it up nicely, calling it “over-the-top, sexed-up” and surreal.

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