In Defense Of Beyonce’s Delayed Album

Broken-Hearted Girl
The most talked about album of 2013 doesn’t have a title, a tracklist or even a prospective release date. The opus – or, more specifically, parts of it – are locked up tight on Beyonce‘s laptop and will most likely remain there until her hugely-successful Mrs. Carter Show world tour winds up in late September. Fans want new music. That’s fair enough but speculation about Bey’s fifth album has become an international meme. Reporters are hitting up past collaborators for tid-bits of information, snippets of leaked tracks are being analyzed with scientific scrutiny, an off-the-cuff remark to a fan during a meet-and-greet made headlines and the ever-faithful Hive even turned on their Queen in a moment of frustration. Why is everyone so uptight and thirsty?

It’s not like B has taken an extended leave of absence – less than two years have passed since 4 hit stores. I’m old enough to remember when a lengthy break between albums was the norm. Michael Jackson took five years between Thriller and Bad, while Whitney Houston fans waited an agonizing eight years between I’m Your Baby Tonight and My Love Is Your Love. But we live in an age where Rihanna drops a new album every November and that’s what many music lovers have come to expect. But it shouldn’t be a crime to work at your own pace. Beyonce should be applauded for focussing on quality instead of being attacked for keeping everyone waiting. Our health and wellbeing don’t depend on her latest club-banger being available on iTunes.

Give the woman a break. Bey is filling arenas every night on a grueling world tour, posing for arty Instagram pics and raising a daughter. She has also been kind enough to give us “Bow Down/I Been On” and purposely leaked “Grown Woman” if Timbland‘s tweet is any indication. (Members of the clique usually avoid publicly acknowledging anything non-official). Queen B also blessed us with “Rise Up” and thirty seconds of “Standing On The Sun” in her H&M commercial. The Mother Theresa of R&B also found time to improve Kelly Rowland‘s album with a cameo and write Michelle Williams a kind note. Don’t you feel bad right now?

If anything, Beyonce is guilty of mismanaging expectations. We all had egg on our face when the Super Bowl came and went with no lead single and then just assumed she would be debuting new music before the tour. A simple tweet warning us that era V wouldn’t commence until late 2013 would have made a huge difference. Sure, it would have also sparked a Twitter riot but the Hive is resilient. The fact that new dates are still being added to The Mrs. Carter Show (and still selling out almost instantaneously) is proof that fans don’t really care about the setlist. We just want to see the best performer of our generation.

As for the new album? It will come and – given Bey’s peerless discography – it will be worth the wait. The unquenchable thirst for new music has created more buzz for the project than any interview or television appearance. The eventual announcement of a release date could well break the internet. I know it’s not easy to be patient. In a perfect world, we’d get daily updates but Beyonce is not about that life. And to be honest, I’d prefer her to spend the time in the studio making sure V is her biggest and best era yet.

Let me know if you’re on my wavelength (or not) in the comments below.

  • Matt

    To be fair, Whitney fans had The Bodyguard to tide them over. It was still a longer time between albums than Bey but……..I want it now.


    Whitney and Michael didn’t have endless snippets of unheard music during those breaks either. It is our fault for assuming, because a snippet (in 2013), is 99% sure to be followed by the actual song. Bey has (officially) released four snippets this year. We fall for it, but I still don’t think we should be lead on like this. Before 4 came out, of course we wanted new music, but we (mice) weren’t having the cheese held over our head, teasing us like this.

    Fans aren’t frustrated that there isn’t any new music. It’s the fact that were left completely in the dark. Would it hurt to SAY SOMETHING? She could say mid-2014 and I’d be happy. Adele was EVERYWHERE. When the question of new music came out she said three years, so nobody’s haggling her about new music. But if she’s SLAYING in snippets left and right, and you have NO CLUE of when (or if) you’ll EVER hear that song and you’re left in the dark, of course everyone wants to hear.

    I love B, and I’m going to TMCShow, but the communication is AWFUL. I understand keeping quiet about the personal life. But why tease us and give 0 info? It’s only a matter of time before S.O.T.S leaks. I wonder what the next snippet will be.

    We aren’t thirsty for NO reason, were just frustrated that it’s hanging over our head. And there’s 0 communication.

  • jon

    As much as I love Beyonce, this new stuff she is doing is not up to par with her old stuff.
    “make cool new friends on’

  • fatusankoh

    as fan I love bey and I will wait she have so much going on with tour fellow behiveplease let’s wait every hatters are after bey to make mistake so they will have a fill day of hate bey needs us now more than ever let be their for her please

  • Sean

    She’s using this pause to create buzz and hype and all good things that come with time. This is reminding me of the massive frenzy that would ensue every time fans would find out Janet was working on a new project in the 90s. Fans would just have to wait! In the world with the of the instant gratification of the internet, it’s kind of refreshing to see someone who isn’t scrambling to fulfill the needs of her fans and is confidently spooling her fans along while she finishes things up. This pause is the best thing to happen to her career. It’s making fans insatiable and keeping people curious. Hopefully she is intelligent enough to know that, like Janet knew at her heyday, people want to know about your mind and your life and your fears. I’m hoping for something personal that we can relate to and hold on to. That would be the icing on top of that tasty cake.

  • Bey in her real life

    You sound stupid. If Beyoncé had a single trust it would be out by now. I need it.. fans do not want to hear the same songs over and over again and with the amount of copyright-infringement in our work, I’m surprised you even found the words to write this article. You say you’re a fan of music, but you’re not a fan of the truth. Irreplaceable has left the building for good.

  • Sucha Thief

    Well, Whitney and Michael really reigned, they didn’t have to release songs that need people to “Bow Down” to them. People bowed down to them because they were innovators, as for Beyoncé, she’s still getting over the flopness of her buzz snippets.

  • Em

    I love this piece :)

  • SuperMariah

    MARIAH also delayed the release of her album due this july 23..