Nicki Minaj Makes Social Media A Sexier Place: Her 10 Hottest Twitter & Instagram Pics This Year

Nicki Minaj has turned twerkin’ into an art form (featuring on not one but two club bangers dedicated to the aerobic activity), so it only makes sense that she would keep it sexy on social media — delighting Barbz the world over with her saucy Facebook, Twitter and Instagram snaps.

While the focus of the glamorous images is predominantly the femcee’s famous derriere, she occasionally mixes it up. The rap diva bares her breasts, shows off her killer pins and shares her stunning wig collection with fans. Warning: Nicki’s steamy approach to social media is not for the faint of heart, and NSFW.

Once you collect yourself, let us know your favorite pose in the comments below.

  • SmartBarb

    Any true barb can tell you that Nicki Minaj doesn’t have an Instagram. So if you think you are following her, you are not. It is a fake. #GetYoPhactsRight #Research

    • NickiStan


  • Kiera

    Yeah she doesn’t have Instagram…..

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