Lady Gaga Tops ‘Forbes’ Most Powerful Musicians List, Beyonce & Madonna Also Make The Cut

Oh hey it’s a day ending in “y” so that means Forbes has another list of Most Something Somethings of Something. Lady Gaga tops the latest compilation of famous names, their Most Powerful Musicians In The World 2013 list  — which, hilariously, is a sub-list of their Celebrity 100 list — with Beyonce in the number two spot. All you need to know about the endless stream of Forbes listicles is that in May, they had Bey ranked above Gaga in their Most Powerful Women list.

You may have noticed that 2013 is only half over, and that Gaga has spent most of the year in hiding, while Bey has been frustrating fans with a dearth of album news — either the site is expecting big things from ARTPOP and Untitled Beyonce Project later this year, or the finance nerds at Forbes are on the fiscal calendar or something. Anyway, Gaga topped the list because her Born This Way Ball grossed grossed $168 million through January, despite being cut short due to injury, and because of her massive social media following. Bey had similar credentials, pulling in a reported $2 million in each city she plays and drawing on a handful of other major ventures. Madonna, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Coldplay also made the cut. Head below to see the Top 10.

1. Lady Gaga
2. Beyonce
3. Madonna
4. Taylor Swift
5. Bon Jovi
6. Justin Bieber
7. Jennifer Lopez
8. Rihanna
9. Coldplay
10. Katy Perry

  • pedromateo

    Lady Gaga is #1 based on tour sales through January?!? Madonna pulled in TWICE that in the same time frame during her tour LAST YEAR and Beyoncé is CURRENTLY on tour and continuing non-stop buzz about music she hasn’t even released yet, so the only real “muscle” Gaga has is her supposed social media following (which, if anyone really pays attention, has been called upon and questioned numerous times with allegations of fake / multiple accounts…just like Justin Beiber).

    Gaga can have her 30+ so-called million followers, but the proof is in the actual sales, which she DID NOT produce last year.

  • Alex Rider

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Madonna is from far the top earner.
    Gaga has to cancel her US tour because of the lack of tickets sold and sold 5 times less tickets than Madonna in South America.

    • Cristobal Mellado

      Sorry, I m from South America, Chile specifically, and i can tell you that actually gaga sold more tickets than madonna. Gaga sold like 45,000 tickets in Chile while madonna sold like 20,000 .. but you know why madonna’s concert was better in terms of money and numbers? it was because madonna’s tickets were much more expensive than gaga’s. Like the double of price. So madonna earned more money because the tickets cost he double than gaga’s, but she sold the double of tickets than madonna ;) And THAT is the real truth. Greetings from Chile!

    • Kelvin

      Gaga cancelled her show in America because of her hip surgery. She was sold out in America. So why would she cancel sold out shows? Know your facts before you comment

  • Santini

    None of these hoes could influence anybody. Justin Bieber, give me a break. His career is over. Just another child star flash in thepan

  • Edward

    So Lady Gaga cancels her tour and effectively vanishes for 5 months and she’s the Most Powerful Musician?

    What a farce!!

  • Emmanuel Durán

    How come Lady Gaga is #1 she’s been absent of the spotlight the whole year I think that either Madonna whose tour is the most successful or Rihanna who’s the singer that sells more albums worldwide could’ve been in the 1st place. This list sucks

    • Kasty

      Madonna ended her tour in December 2012. So…

    • Kelvin

      RIhanna only sold 10 more million albums than Gaga and Rihanna has 7 albums and Gaga has 3! So I think you know who the real Queen is!