Ciara Teases Her “I’m Out” Video On ‘Access Hollywood’: Watch

Ciara stopped by Access Hollywood yesterday (June 25) to talk about her forthcoming self-titled album (out July 9) and her new boyfriend Future, as well as to debut a teaser video for her new single “I’m Out.” The short clip sees the singer popping, locking and dropping it in a mini-skirt and showing off her fierce “smize.” The full version of the video premieres during the BET Awards red carpet pre-show on Sunday, June 30.

The singer also explained the concept behind “I’m Out”: “As opposed to be down about a break-up, you celebrate what your future can be. You get excited about yourself. It’s about ladies going out, having a good time and being confident in the fact that you said ‘I’m out!'”

She also touched on the use of the n-word in her music, explaining: “As an entertainer you have fun, and it’s also about the context it’s used in because I’m an African-American woman. So I can identify with that word in different ways. In my case, I can have fun because I know where I’m coming from with it.” The interview ended on a lighter note, with Ciara doing her best Bon Qui Qui impersonation.

Watch the teaser for “I’m Out” up top, then catch Ciara’s interview with Access Hollywood below.