78Violet Unveil “Hothouse” Single Artwork

The girls of 78Violet (that’s Aly & AJ if you’re old-school) have been teasing their upcoming comeback single “Hothouse” — their first in five years! — and now they’ve unveiled the official single artwork. Here are some things to consider:

1. The styling. Take a minute and inhale the beauty of these regal queens. Aly, brunette, wearing a blue thing. AJ, blonde, also wearing a blue thing. Both vaguely floral. Bathed in golden light against some sort of verdant forest-scape, like a pair of honey-voiced wood nymphs. 

2. The posing. They’re both holding the tree (they are very deeply connected to nature, which is one of many reasons why Aly & AJ are better than you) but Aly is running one hand through her luscious chestnut mane, while AJ has one arm akimbo. Meditative, yet somehow commanding.

3. The font. A meaty serif typeface in a crisp white suggests a classical elegance that nicely befits these two gifted songbirds. Bravo, 78Violet. Bravo.

“Hothouse” debuts July 9. My inevitable fanfic series will probably debut before then.

[via JustJared]