Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” Becomes Her 7th Top 10 Single: Here’s A Refresher On The Other 6

By: Robbie Daw / June 27, 2013

Miley Cyrus has established herself as one of the hardest twerking players in the pop game throughout the past seven years, and if you’re not yet hip to her summertime ode to all things carefree and turnt-up, “We Can’t Stop,” then it’s time to open your ears. First of all, the song’s music video is insane. It’s also one of the five contenders in our Song Of The Summer poll (hurry up and vote — we’re announcing a winner tomorrow, pop pickers!). And did we mention that the video is absolutely bonkers? We did? Okay. Finally, “We Can’t Stop” just gyrated into the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 this week (it’s at #5), thus marking Miley’s seventh trip into the upper tier of the main singles chart.

This feat calls for a good ol’ party in the U.S.A. Our way of celebrating: looking back at Miley’s six previous Top 10 jams. From “See You Again” to “Can’t Be Tamed,” this is your refresher on saucy Cyrus’ biggest hits. So grab your Hannah Montana wig — oh, we see you’ve, um, been wearing it all along — and climb below for stroll down memory lane.

“See You Again”
Released: 2007
Chart position: #10

The gist: A 15-year-old Miley, still tamed and riding high with her Hannah Montana success at this point, took off the wig and stepped out under her own name with this slightly haunting, dance-poppy debut. The shy singer s-s-s-stuttered her way through a tale of (unrequited?) love from afar. Who can’t relate to that? Thank god Leslie had her back.

Oddly, there was never an official music video for “See You Again.”

“7 Things”
Released: 2008
Chart position: #9

The gist: Cyrus completely switched gears, both sound-wise and lyrically, for the jangly pop-rock lead single from her sophomore LP Breakout. By this point, the singer was well into a relationship with her sung-about object of affection, and was now dashing off the seven things she love-hated about him. Really, it’s all about those infectious ooooohs as the song winds down.

“The Climb”
Released: 2009
Chart position: #4

The gist: In 2009, Miley Fandom hit a fever pitch. The singer racked up a trio of Top 10 hits and also starred in the box office smash Hannah Montana: The Movie. The film contained this John Shanks-produced ballad, which has gone on to become not only a pop classic, but also a gold standard for TV singing competition auditions.

It really ain’t about what’s on the other side, Miley, you wise little sage.

“He Could Be The One”
Released: 2009
Chart position: #10

The gist: Hardly the most significant track in the Cyrus oeuvre, “He Could Be The One” is mostly notable for being the only song Miley performed as her Disney Channel character that made the Top 10.

“Party In The U.S.A.”
Released: 2009
Chart position: #2

The gist: Miley’s biggest hit to-date was just one of several songs held off from reaching #1 by the Black Eyed Peas‘ juggernaut “I Gotta Feeling” in summer 2009. The latter was holed up for 14 weeks atop the Hot 100, but we always preferred “Party In The U.S.A.”, a Dr. Luke production, as our go-to playlist must-have that year. With a dream and her cardigan, Cyrus sang the virtues of Britney, Jay-Z and stilettos, and subsequently helped launch the career of songwriter Jessie J in the process.

“Can’t Be Tamed”
Released: 2010
Chart position: #8

The gist: When Miley donned feathers and climbed inside a birdcage for some naughty dancing in her Robert Hales-directed visual for “Can’t Be Tamed,” the world perhaps just wasn’t quite ready for this much sexual expression from the then-17-year-old Avis Cyrus. The song and it’s much-discussed video made a splashy debut, but soon slid out of sight.

Undaunted by the lukewarm reception of her last album, the singer has pushed forward with her in-your-face antics. And with comeback single “We Can’t Stop” now catching the imagination of pop fans and twerk enthusiasts alike, it’s evident that she isn’t here to tarnish her once squeaky-clean image…Cyrus is simply evolving as an artist, and, ultimately, she’s just being Miley.

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