Pink & Lily Allen’s “True Love” Video: Watch The Colorful Clip

It Must Be!
The biggest problem with Pink‘s “True Love” video is that it’s not as good as her video for “Try,” but there probably aren’t any videos out there that are as good as Pink’s video for “Try” because, like, have you seen that video? That’s not to say that the video for “True Love,” her latest single from her bajillion-times-platinum-selling LP The Truth About Love, isn’t perfectly serviceable, because it is — there are cute cameos from the pop-rock songstress’ husband Carey Hart and her daughter Willow, as well as her collaborator on the track Lily Allen Rose Cooper (not sure what she’s calling herself anymore) — but ultimately it just feels, oh, a little patchwork, a little thrown-together, bright and colorful but lacking the cohesion to really get excited about. 

Aside from some imagery that’s vaguely graphic novel-esque and backstage footage from her recent tour, the highlight is Allen’s appearance. She’s chopping vegetables. That’s all.

Watch up top.

  • Shell

    Wow you must be the a complete moron…. The fact the pink keeps her daughter on set, and in her videos just goes to show what a strong, confident woman she is.she is always so honest in her interviews.about herself, her husband ,and other stars (Miley) bravo Pink… are amazing, an inspiration to all women. Btw just because she is not dangling from wires does not take away from the song asshole